Youth Over Flowers in Africa: Episode 1 + Teasers


Finally we have a second poster, but would it kill them to release more, and why the quality of the poster is so bad? I want to PS it, but then I’m too lazy to bother…

I love the first episode of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I don’t know if it is because I love the Answer Me boys more, but I find episode 1 a lot more interesting than last season’s Iceland. There are  more planning and plotting in this season by Na PD, and the 3 boys’ reactions were hilariously classic — a mixture of disbelief, frightened and even crying. Note: This isn’t a recap. It’s just one of my gibberish blab and random thoughts.

For episode 1, the interesting parts were the boys’ reaction to the kidnapping—I was surprised and puzzled with Go Kyung Pyo‘s outburst. Then I thoroughly enjoyed watching the little harmless Park Bo Gum inviting the kidnappers into his car, and apologising for his car space etc. His reaction to the kidnapping is really cute.

I love the boys’ relationships with their on-screen parents, because it really feels like they are family. When Kyung Pyo was crying, his Omma Sun Young was wiping tears too. There’s also Ryu Jun Yeol‘s interaction with Ra Min Ran, and she gives him sunscreen and bug spray. Awww.

I get the vibe that Ahn Jae Hong isn’t interested in appearing on Youth Over Flowers at all, but he has no choice but to say he would since all celebrities think it is an honour to work with Na PD. I hear ya, Jae Hong, LOL.


The boys have so far impressed me, lots. Even though in the beginning they were freaking out a little, but once they got to Africa, they were strutting along really well. Both Kyung Pyo and Jae Hong express that they can’t speak English, but they were speaking it confidently, unlike the Iceland boys who mostly spout gibberish. Jun Yeol was the most confident in speaking English; and I definitely would love to hear more throughout the show. In saying that, I really wish the edit team would not pumped up the music whenever he starts speaking English. Jun Yeol is also the most experience with travelling; he is decisive, but so are the other two. There were no unnecessary long meetings like the Iceland boys. I like it! I also like that although they have experienced Jun Yeol in the group, they still encounter some difficulties, so these keep the show interesting.


I don’t want anyone to call my Answer Me boys babo. However, it’s unavoidable now that the show has revealed Bo Gum missing his flight. Aigoo. It was edited in a way that made viewers think he missed it because he spent 30 mins shopping and 1.5 hours eating, hahaha. News was later released to explain despite he did spent those time shopping and eating, the gate closed earlier too, which can happen when it is a small flight with little passengers. Shit happens, LOL. I nearly miss my flight in Hong Kong years ago.

Just like the beginning of Answer Me 1988, there were very little of Bo Gum’s scene in episode 1, but I love every bit whenever he appears on-screen. From him tasting the champagne to him being kidnapped, to busy apologising and serving the YOF crews in the car. Just him acting the way he had I find it intriguing. His aegyo responses to his Hyungs was simply adorable, too. Aish, this boy had me bad.


Teaser for Episode 2

Teaser for upcoming episodes

I love this clip. It started off with Park Bo Gum busy writing something on the beach whilst Ryu Jun Yeol standing close-by and watching. It looks so much like a guardian watching over his baby kid playing with sand, LOLLLL. Then all that effort gets swept away by the waves. LMAO.

The rest of the clip was just as enjoyable to watch, and funny too. The acting charismatic and cool part cracks me up, although I think that’s not them acting cool, but Na PD’s editing.

I can’t wait to see the part that Ahn Jae Hong mentioned to the reporter in one of his interviews about Park Bo Gum. He said whilst on the trip, camping, they met a Dutch couple who were enjoying and drinking red wine. As we all know Bo Gum doesn’t drink, but that night perhaps he was in a good mood, he had two glasses, and began to sing to himself. Ahn Jae Hong said that was interesting to see and cute of Bo Gum.


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