Ji Chang Wook Electrifying Stares in Femina


Ji Chang Wook, 오랜만 이네. During Healer and for awhile, he was the ‘it-man’ for me, but being a drama fan, the love faded when he goes off screen for too long. Fame engulfed him after Healer became a hit outside of Korea, on the interweb, and especially China.

To the best of my knowledge, Healer may still be popular among its avid fans and shippers’ hearts. This drama was great when it aired, but then the enchantment broke off rather quick this time. I love it when I was in that moment, not that I still don’t, but then I was quick to get absorbed into few other great dramas soon after.


It definitely has been awhile spazzing at him. This set of photos are really yummy. I do miss him, a little, but I am still upset with him. LOL.

After completing a movie, Fabricated City, Ji Chang Wook decided to walk the path that Lee Min Ho and many other Korean actors did by cashing in on his fans. Ji Chang Wook signed on to release a mini album, hold concerts and participated in a Chinese drama. He could have stayed in Korea, but he didn’t. Sigh. This may be harsh, yet it is the truth; I am sure deep down inside, his fans know it, but they still support him (or any actors they like for that matter).


He is now back in Korea, and has officially wrapped up with the Chinese drama, Mr. Right. Thank god. Good riddance, I say! Great that if the show turned out to be a success; however, I have read the sypnosis enough to know we should keep the expectation (super) low. Now that this is over, how about quickly pick a good script and come back on the small screen before you have to shave that pretty head of yours, and join the army in July this year?


Aish. This is supposed to be a spazzing post, but then it somehow turned into a ranting post. The disappointment definitely hadn’t worn off for his decision to turn to China, LOL.



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  1. I’m quite saddened by your “rant” although I respect everything you wrote. I came to know Ji Chang Wook through a friend of mind who lives in Hong Kong. She urged me insistingly to watch Healer. So I did, and I fell in love with the drama and the guy. Since I came on board to the Wookie-train late, I have nothing but gratitude to the fans in China who unceasingly follow him and post updates. Otherwise I would have no clue what’s Ji Chang Wook is up to. I hope his drama will become a success like Healer (although I doubt it since in my biased opiniom Healer is THE best for me). If not, I hope Korea productions still welcome him and give him to us, his fans. 😊

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  2. I agree with you. Perhaps there are reason why JCW went to China and we know now and that is to expand his popularity and to really earn bucks since they pay actors in China 3x the pay they get in Korea. For me it was a practical move, now he is reaping the hard work he has sweat. Currently, and he is back in Korea, his fan based has tripled since he went to China and made not just one but two dramas. He has hold numerous fan meetings, made endorsements, another drama, a successful third run of his Musical, a lot of Magazine IVs, a movie, which earned him a nomination as rookie actor and now starting again for a new drama that will send him probably to enlistment. And yes, korea production has acknowledged now his worth as an actor. 🙂


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