Are We Ready for Youth Over Flowers in Africa?


Are we ready for a season of Youth Over Flowers in Africa? Because I am! But, so unfair. The Iceland version had several official posters released, but why the our Answer Me 1988‘s Ssangmun-dong boys only have one?

It is airing live in about 15 minutes, but don’t care, just release more posters to make me happy, please. I miss the boys, and I miss my Bogummy.


Teasers #3 and #4


Press Conference on Feb 18, 2016

This press conference is really lengthy, and without subtitles, it was really tough to stay focus. I eventually FF through it, but hopefully, a translated version will be readily available soon because I want to know exactly what the boys say.

Some parts have already been shared by fans, particularly the part about how Park Bo Gum was momentarily possessed by his Answer Me’s character — Choi Taek, and decided to kiss the wall with the car. HAHAHA.

Go Kyung Pyo talks about how surprised he was with Bo Gum readily agreed to take off his pants along with his hyungs. LOL. Poor Ryu Jun Yeol had a cold, and lost his voice. Bo Gum said Jun Yeol is a good leader, and is the communicator of the group.

Aw. Disappointed. I had thought he would be the one most fluent in English seeing he spoke quite fluently in a couple of clips.


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