First Peek! Scarlet Heart: Ryeo First Stills


The casts of Scarlet Heart: Ryeo starring has kick-started on the drama shooting. Here we have first peek into the stills release on our three main casts — IU, Lee Jun Ki and Kang Ha Neul. IU looks beautiful in Goryeo wear, aww.

The drama will be 100% pre-produced, so there will be longer wait, but hopefully this also signify better quality in terms of direction, cinematography and most importantly, script-writing.


Lee Jun Ki plays the 4th prince Wang So, curiously, I wonder why he is dressing like a commoner. Can’t say I like what I see; he looks a lot like he is brooding, again. Hahaha.73722-394451

…and lookey lookey, Kang Ha Neul as the 8th prince, Wang Wook. I was a little worried how he would look like in Goryeo wear, but it turns out to be way better than I thought. Very pretty too. Can’t wait to see the reveal on all the other princes, and hopefully, I don’t have to laugh at any one of them.

Goryeo costumes are so similar to ancient Chinese costumes that it always managed to trick me into thinking they are a bunch of Koreans acting for Chinese sageuk; which in this case is actually not too far off since this drama is adapted from the famous novel Bu Bu Jing Xing.

Fingers crossed this will be a good adaptation; less stupid crying scenes might help. Just sayin’.


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