Lee Hyun Woo as Dashing Idol in Harper’s Bazaar


Grab a copy of the February issue Harper’s Bazaar if you love Lee Hyun Woo in this greyish-bronze hairstyle. He dyed his hair to portray an idol in the currently airing KBS drama, Moorim School. I don’t like it when idols dye their hairs, because it can be quite disastrous, and only a are few manage to do it right. Lee Hyun Woo isn’t an idol; he is just acting as one, but he was really believable in the beginning performing on the stage.

However, the hair’s style itself wasn’t very appealing, as in, he could have had better style with that colour. Anyway, that’s all going to be in the past now because from next week onwards, his hair is back to black and cut short. I will need some time to get used to, and the new hairdo actually makes him look more boyish than the idol look. Most importantly, I think I am going to miss it.


The above two pictures are my favourite out of the lot. The rest of it, I just want to ask the hair stylist if Hyun Woo has done anything to him/her, because heck, why oh why must it look so flat? I am sure there are more flattering look than this? 👇


I am currently watching Hyun Woo in Moorim School, but I feel a little sad because the drama is not doing well. Hyun Woo has been very active doing movies, but he is not a leading man yet in either dramas or movies, and thus, I wanted him and this drama to do well for his sake. And…. it unfortunately is not doing well. Sigh. The positive thing is, Moorim School is not so bad in the sense that the story is moving, the characters are not doing stupid things repeatedly (touch wood), so I can still enjoy it—treating as a drama I watch just for fun and relaxation. Unlike this one other drama where I just…I just wish I could go into the screen and shake the male lead to stop being stupid.

Hyun Woo recently participated in a music video and does the rapping, the song is meh, but he looks good in there with that hair, so it’s worth to take a peek and a listen.

He’s also lend his voice to record a song for Moorim School, and we can hear the song in episode 8. The OST isn’t released yet, but pretty sure it will be included next week. I hope KBS will release the ones he performed onstage in episode 1 too. I am quite fond of that, too.


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