Gillette CF Featuring Ryu Jun Yeol & Lee Dong Hwi


Previously I have posted regarding Ryu Jun Yeol and Lee Dong Hwi of Answer Me 1988 doing a Gillette razor CF, and now the CF is released. In the CF, they are still in their Answer Me characters, and for comical relief, Dong Ryong is rubbing salt on Jung Hwan’s wound concerning Deok Sun. LOL. What I would like to know is… when did Dong Ryong finds out? Pwahaha.

In reality (of the drama) i.e. to be true to Answer Me characters, Jung Hwan will take this secret to his grave, so there is no way Dong Ryong would ever find out, and has this chance to tease him. 😀

Gillette CF (Full Version)

English Subbed version: LINK

I like the CF. I think it’s cute, and most importantly, I miss the Ssangmun-dong gang. It would be so nice if the 5 of them can gather together to appear on a TV show, or do a CF or two all together. Don’t tell me they are too expensive to afford, because heck, with them together, I’m pretty sure the profit would be multipled by 10. Let’s pray. Pray to CF god.


Gillette Korea Interview & BTS

005ZY38mjw1f0dsa7d643j30f00min4e005ZY38mjw1f0f171i0vhj30go0opq4p005ZY38mjw1f0f172wuowj30go0o7dhj005ZY38mjw1f0f1lf4k9tj30hs0hsgotVideo source: Eyes on RYU! and Pro-Glide Gillette


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