Seo Kang Joon Stealing Hearts in NYLON


Recently there are 4 boys born in 1993 catching a lot of media attention for being the next big thing. I would have to agree, they all have very bright future ahead of them, especially after the 1987-born actors get shoved into military service one-by-one this year.

Seo Kang Joon is one of these 4 boys, and he will appear in February issue of NYLON. It is unclear what the theme of the pictorial is, except the overall impression has him looking ‘lazy’, as if nothing concerns him, that he does not care—which is pretty close to his character, Baek In Ho, who has been stealing hearts left, right and centre lately in tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama, Cheese in the Trap.

Whilst dealing with the withdrawal for Answer Me 1988, my drama-watching journey continues, in hope I can cure the withdrawal symptoms with another good drama on air. Sadly, the search is still on for the next crack. Meanwhile, Cheese in the Trap is a drama I do strongly recommend, and Seo Kang Joon is stealing the thunder from Park Hae Jin in the recent 4 episodes.


His character is the more normal one out of the lot, which may be why it is easier to relate and understand. He may be wild and untamed, but he has a good heart, and is nice and straight-forward with his emotions. On the contrary, Park Hae Jin’s character is still mysterious and emotionally closed-off to the viewers, thus at this point in time, the hearts go to Seo Kang Joon.


And he is doing one fantastic job in portraying Baek In Ho. The drama is an adaptation of the webtoon with the same name, Cheese in the Trap, and since I have not read the webtoon, I cannot comment if he did the webtoon character justice. If his character is written nothing like the webtoon, then I will say he has good a wonderful job making the character so likeable and charming.


…either that or I must be possessed; or it’s In Ho’s piano playing. He isn’t playing pop songs or Jazz; he plays classical—now that, ahem, is H-O-T.



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