Kim Go Eun Poses for InStyle


Kim Go Eun — the face of February’s InStyle magazine. I wonder how many people know this actress? Her filmography is super-short for drama, with Cheese in the Trap being her first. Her experience in acting is not very long either, as she only debuted in 2012 in a movie called A Muse, having no other acting experience prior to that, and according to our trusted Wikipedia, she has already caused a bit of a media buzz in her first acting role.

I first knew her from Coin Locker Girl (also known as Chinatown), having watch the movie out of boredom, and for Park Bo Gum (I think?). Little did I know I walk away with something more, even though I did not particularly enjoy that movie. When it ended, I still vividly remember my reaction i.e. WTF? and wonder what is the whole point of the show. Kim Go Eun was the female lead, the movie sucks, but her strong presence left a lasting impression on me. I did not like the movie, but I like her performances.


Kim Go Eun does more movies than dramas, so I was all hands when news broke out that she is doing a drama. Like Park Bo Young, she has talents in performing that quite a fair few veteran drama actresses don’t, and perhaps never will. So Dramaland really needs actresses like Park Bo Young and Kim Go Eun to show others how its done, and hopefully inspire the other actresses of the same age/generation (or new comers) to step up their games. Dramaland and Movieland never lack good actors, but I don’t understand why good actress is so scarce. Is it because there is just no talents, or these actresses are not working hard enough like the actors?—an question I do not have an answer to.

In conclusion, my wish is to see Kim Go Eun and Park Bo Young more in the dramaland whilst they go about doing movies as well.


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