Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Go Kyung Pyo & Ryu Jun Yeol Spotted for Youth Over Flowers in Africa

Oh yay, we have first glimpse into behind the scenes filming of Youth Over Flowers in Africa. I already feel hot and sandy for the crews, and Answer Me 1988 boys—Park Bo Gum, Ahn Jae Hong, Go Kyung Pyo and Ryu Jun Yeol. They are in the desert somewhere of Namibia, and boy, it doesn’t look fun at all. So much walking to do, and it is super tough walking through sands. I am not sure whether it is better to wear sandals or shoes, either way, the sands will get into the shoes, and eventually, it will hurt.

I have spotted 3 boys, but not Go Kyung Pyo, or at least I can’t recognise him. It all seems like they look a lot more tanned than we remembered, LOL.

Hurray. We have visual for Park Bo Gum and Ryu Jun Yeol, but boys, why are you in long sleeves?

1970215617_b7908e95_12479594_1716846191867187_1251882474_n (2)

This one is so far that I can’t make out who exactly are the 3 of them, but I am sure the one in the middle is Bo Gum thanks to that cap.

The above picture looks like a walk to hell with no trees and water around.

… and we have close-up visual of the two Kim brothers—Ahn Jae Hong and Ryu Jun Yeol. Jung Bong Oppa definitely looks tanned, LOL. Hmm… do they have to split up to do some sort of mission? Where is the other two boys?

Update: Selfie Time in Africa!

Source: Travelerkj Facebook | IG


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