Edwin Spring Collection with Park Bo Gum

Ready for Spring, everyone? Although South Korea is still in its coldest period of winter, fashion makers/businesses are already preparing to release their spring collection fashion apparels. Thus, their sponsored models get busy doing catalogue / advertisiting photoshoots for them. After wrapping up Answer Me 1988, our Park Bo Gum also jumps right into all photoshoot appointments with Edwin and K-SWISS.

He even arrived late at the wrap up party because he was still doing K-SWISS photoshoot, and I suspect Go Kyung Pyo and Ryu Hye Young may have arrived late too, since the 3 of them are models for K-SWISS.

Bo Gum and the casts of Answer Me 1988 then fly to Phuket, Thailand the next day for a fun reward vacation by tvN. One would think he would take time off from other duties; however, after about 3 days in Phuket, he flew home to host Music Bank. Just when we all thought he gets to rest after this, the poor boy then get kidnapped right back onto the plane for a 12-hours flight to Africa for Youth Over Flowers.

It seriously is tough being celebrities, with all those hectic flight arrangements. And to think, the tvN production team and Na PD could at least let the Answer Me boys rest a bit more before shipping them off to Africa with no wallet and credit cards. Poor Ryu Jun Yeol‘s cries for his card and wallet to his manager was even being shared on CJ-ES Instagram. I get that it’s the tradition of the show for a surprise-attack like that, but since I love these boys, I kind of wanted them to have a proper break before jumping into this, especially Bo Gum.

That said, I hope they have many fun in Africa, and not eat hot dogs everyday (refer to YOF in Iceland, and you’ll know what I mean). The good thing is, it should be summer in Africa, so the boys can travel light, and if they wash their undies, it should dry quick overnight. Hmm now that I think about it, they have to do laundry. They will all stink of sweat if they don’t after just one day. Eww.

I am looking forward to this season of Youth Over Flowers, much more so than the Iceland season. The anticipation increases when there’s more casts in it that I actually have crush on—and I happen to like all these 4 lots, too. 🙂

They are set to return to home in February 2.

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