NEWS FLASH! Na PD Kidnapped Park Bo Gum, Go Kyung Pyo, Ryu Jun Yeol & Ahn Jae Hong for Youth Over Flowers!


OMG, hahahahahaha! This is one very awesome news! Our 3 Answer Me 1988 boys—Go Kyung Pyo, Ahn Jae Hong and Ryu Jun Yeol who supposedly are vacationing in Phuket, Thailand, have been kidnapped by the notorious Na PD, and sent off to film tvN’s Youth Over Flowers in Africa. Park Bo Gum had to fly back to South Korea today to host Music Bank, but he heads off right away to join the boys. Both Ryu Jun Yeol’s and Park Bo Gum’s agencies have confirmed this to be true, and that the boys won’t be home until early February. UPDATE: Latest news has it that they will visit Namibia, West Africa. Their mission is to get to Victoria waterfalls.

I was supposed to watch Youth Over Flowers in Iceland, but then I slacked off a bit with recent busy schedules, and relying on recaps. However with these 4, there is no way I am going to miss any episode.

The best thing is: We get to see all 4 boys (attempt) speaking English. They gotta open those mouths somehow. Anything to hear Bogummy speaks more English, really. 😀 Wait a minute. Maybe this isn’t the best thing. It’s Africa; it will be hot, and what do boys do when they feel hot?—they wear singlets, or don’t wear at all. Kekeke. Self-censored ON

Now now Na PD, be kind to these boys. You have no idea how scary female fans of these boys can be. Please ensure to take good care of them.



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