Lee Min Ho Heading Back to Dramaland?

Not so long ago there was news released regarding writer Park Ji Eun (You Who Came from the Stars,  Producer) and PD Jin Hyuk (City Hunter, Master Sun) collaborating together for a new drama. Today actor Lee Min Ho has been named to possibly headline this drama. His agency, Starhaus, also confirms receiving the script. TAKE IT Lee Min Ho. Take it, or else…!

The genre of the drama is said to be romantic comedy, and a lot of stars have expressed interest working with Park Ji Eun, but the writer has personally picked out Lee Min Ho. It may be produced by SBS (what is new? SBS loves Lee Min Ho), and planned for airing latter half of this year. Erm, are you sure, SBS?—Lee Min Ho has to report for military duty some time June-July, if I’m not mistaken.

Well, whatever. I had enough of his absence on the small screen, particularly after that drama which shall not be named. He is soon due for his military service, so I say it is about time he makes a come-back. I mean, he shouldn’t pass on such good opportunity to work with PD Jin Hyuk again, right? And how can he say no to writer Park Ji Eun?

Lee Min Ho, if you don’t do this, I swear, I will hurt you.


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