Lee Jong Suk poses for HIGH CUT & Talks about Answer Me 1988

72919-388945Actor/Model Lee Jong Suk recently posed for issue #166 of High Cut, and talks about the problems being an actor.

He reveals, “When I watched my own projects, I feel that I am frozen in the adolescene state; in order to show a manly side, I am in distress thinking of ways to break that image with acting.” He continues, “A high percentage of an actor’s physical appearance is accounted for shaping the actor’s image; I envy those actor who possesses a manly image.”72919-388949

Aww. So true. I completely understand where he was coming from. Looking back to all his previous projects, other than Doctor Stranger, Pinocchio and The Face Reader, he has been playing teenagers. Even though he isn’t a teenage in Doctor Stranger or Pinocchio, he still exudes boyish-ness in both dramas.


Glad to know he is looking for ways to break that boysih frame, and in doing so, I wish to see maturity in his acting. After Pinocchio, especially in the latter episodes, I saw repetitiveness in his acting approach and style, so I sincerely hope he can work on that.

Lee Jong Suk then tells High Cut he will work like a cow this year, and will shoot at least 3 projects. Hip hip hooray! This deserves some cheering; he has been way too quiet after Pinocchio. Now that he has left his agency WellMade, and going solo for the moment, I just hope he gets to play something he wants to, and not because he was been made to.

Last but not least, Lee Jong Suk seems to be a fan of Answer Me 1988, because not so long ago he was spotted signing autograph for fans at an event, mentioning Choi Taek. LOL. So in High Cut, he spoke about Answer Me 1988, and said his favourite character is Choi Taek, because the character is charming. Hehehe, I concur, the man has got some good taste. 🙂


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  1. I went here to see Lee Jung Suk’s comment about uri Taekie… but I ended up staring at him Adam’s apple. He and Bogum need to have a contest of which Adam’s apple is the sexiest.


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