Completely DAZED by Nam Joo Hyuk


OMG! @$%&*%#

Oh so hot! Make sure to grab February issue of magazine DAZED if you like what you see of Nam Joo Hyuk. The man is pretty busy lately as after filming (or still filming?) tvN’s Cheese in the Trap, he has already began to work on his next drama—playing a Goryeo prince in Moon Lovers.


Well okay fine, maybe he’s not that busy, seeing how this week’s Cheese in the Trap, his existence is consider nearly zero percent. I know he is playing a supporting role, but I did not realise he is playing such a small part though. I guess I just want him to have more chance to act alongside the good ones, so that he can learn from them.


I suppose he isn’t short of learning opportunities since he will be working with the Appas from Answer Me 1988—Song Dong Il and Kim Sung Kyun, and then all other casts like Lee Jun Ki, IU and Kang Ha Neul. I worry for the drama, but then I can’t helped myself from anticipating it, LOL.


Moon Lovers and its casts have completed the first script reading recently. I would love to write about it, and post PRETTY BOYS pictures, but seeing how much I have missed out on the K-NEWS lately, I think it is for the best I don’t. But, I want to post one because I thought it was pretty adorable in the group photo. As they pose for the camera, their fingers show a number which correspond to the numberth prince they are going to play in the drama. Heh.


… and the rest will just be a sea of DAZED screenshots … 😀


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