Preview: Answer Me 1988 Episode 17


OMG 😱 I hate you tvN. My heart aches all over again! Two weeks ago, Answer Me 1988‘s episode 16 ended at Taek (Park Bo Gum) cancelling his movie date with Deok Sun (Hyeri)—because he found out his best friend, Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol), also likes Deok Sun.

The show then ends without giving us episode 17 preview. So we were pretty much left hanging for a week, and I was worried sick if Taek will be all right since he took sleeping pills. 99.99% I am sure he will be, but there’s still that 0.01%!!! It took me at least 3 days to get over the heart break and low-spirited mood, only to have the aching feels return to haunt me all over again when I see this preview. 😥

Rough Translations:

Jung Hwan: Did you open up my wallet?
Taek: No. I didn’t look.

Ja Hyun: Choi Taek, that baduk nom, totally treats you as a pushover.
Jung Bong: Little brother, if you make a wish when the meteors fall, your wish will come true.
Sun Woo: Noona, did you make a wish?
Jung Hwan: My wish is…

👆 Omo omo omo. Is she lying next to you, Taekie? Gaaaaahhhhh, “the so near, yet so far away” is killing me. BUT, I think the emotions of push and pull will be at its peak now. It’ll be torture (for us and the boys), but it’ll also be so damn good, I reckon (?).

Andddd…who says Taek is stupid and can’t lie in the show? LOL, he just lied again at Jung Hwan. But seriously, with that look, if Jung Hwan believes him, he’s just as dumb too.

I’m curious why Ja Hyun says that about Taek to Deok Sun. Please catch on quick, Deok Sun-ah! The health of my heart depends on you now. Sniff

SPOILER ALERT! OMG, Taek, Deok Sun and Jung Hwan have all been spotted filming Answer Me 1988, or I should say Answer Me 1994. Ahhhhh….!!! Putting spoiler pictures on the next page…


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