Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Secures All its Casts


Can someone please tell me this isn’t true? Today’s news is full of explosive bombs—bombing people with drama casting news left, right and centre. Well, what’s done has been done, I do look a little forward to it actually. On to the first news which is concerning upcoming drama, Moon Lovers, a remake of the famous Chinese period drama, Scarlet Heart (also known as Bu Bu Jing Xin).

All the actors who were rumoured to have been approached are now confirmed and locked in, including main leads Lee Jun Ki and IU. I just want to throw rocks at the production company, because I’m pretty sure the casts were all confirmed loooong ago, when the first rumour came out. They were probably testing the waters, and wanted to know the nation’s reactions to the casting. Hmph.
Kang Ha Neul as Wang Wook (王旭)

So here we have it: Set in Goryeo period, Lee Jun Ki plays the 4th prince and Kang Ha Neul will be the 8th prince who goes head-to-head with Jun Ki, fighting for the throne and the heroine, IU. I’m going to hate Kang Ha Neul soon; not unless they change his story a bit. I wasn’t taken with him at all because he was in love, and insisted to marry the heroine’s sister, who at the time had a lover. He then later fell in love with the heroine. I was disgusted that he wanted both sisters, and he already had another wife (and more concubines, I am sure), who bullies the heroine and heroine’s sister. Complicated, much?
Hong Jong Hyun as Wang Yo

Playing the ambitious and arrogant 3rd prince is Hong Jong Hyun. Okay, I don’t remember the 3rd prince from the C-drama, hahaha. I remember the Crown Prince, which in history is actually the 2nd prince, but he was later deposed by Emperor Kang Xi. In Chinese history, the 3rd prince wasn’t interested in throne, but he did accuse the 1st prince of using sorcery to unseat 2nd prince from his position of crown prince.
Baekhyun as Wang Hyun

EXO of Baekhyun will tackle the playful and childish 10th prince. If Moon Lovers follow the story of the C-drama, then Baekhyun will marry Kang Ha Neul’s first wife’s sister, who dislikes IU. Anyone dizzy yet?
Nam Joo Hyuk as Wang Wook (王郁)

That leaves Nam Joo Hyuk playing the 13th prince who is a brother, a loyal friend and ally to Lee Jun Ki’s 4th prince. Poor Nam Joo Hyuk, his character is going to have it tough. I also hope he is up for the challenge, in acting emotionally. Sageuk is all about emotions, being melo and angsty. He will have to up his acting skills for this role, which is a good practice for him.

Ji Soo as Wang Jung

Ji Soo plays the 14th prince, who is the blood brother of 4th prince, Lee Jun Ki; and is also very fond of IU. 14th prince on the other hand, is a much more bubbly character to play, and eventually, the historians believed that it was down to 4th and 14th prince for the throne before Emperor Kang Xi passed away.
Z.Hera as Soon Deok

The rest of the casts include: Sung Dong Il playing daejang Park Soo Kyung that Lee Jun Ki trusts the most, Kim Sung Kyun plays a genius who is good with divination. Z.Hera is confirmed to play the General’s daughter, and Kang Han Na plays Goryeo Taejo’s daughter. If I remember correctly, Kim Sung Kyun is playing a general, so that makes Z.Hera his daughter. I’m guess uri Sung Dong Il will play King of Goryeo then?

The reason I completed Scarlet Heart was because I liked the incorporation of real Chinese history into the drama. It made it easier to learn and absorb ‘important’ information (although I run the risk of learning unreal history, too, LOL). But it is still better than giving me a history book detailing the conflict and fight between the brothers for the throne—I would have fallen asleep right away, just trying to learn their names, because having being in reign the longest time, Emperor Kang Xi had officially 24 sons and 12 daughters. There were more, but most of them died young due to illness. Imagine having to remember all these kids’ names 😅 I don’t think I’ll get too far through the history books.

IU as Hae Soo

All right, I am curious to watch this show even though I cringe at the idea of going through more angst and crying, as if I didn’t cry enough watching the C-version. But I really want to see these flower boys in Goryeo costumes. I am 100% certain that IU will be beautiful in Goryeo costumes.
Lee Jun Ki as Wang So

I’m not sure about Lee Jun Ki; he looks good in hanbok, but Goryeo, not really. That goes the same with the rest of the boys, too. I can’t imagine, yet. But I’m definitely more worried about the loveline, whether or not Jun Ki and IU will have any onscreen chemistry.

Worry or not, the ship has sailed for this drama, and it is reported that filming will start Jan 8, and will be produced 100% before airing in September. Whaaaat? So soon?


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