Busy Bee Park Bo Gum Filming CF for K-SWISS


🎉 Happy New Year 2016! 🎉

First post of a brand new year, and I’m dedicating it to Park Bo Gum, but this is news from yesterday, where he was being a busy bee in the morning filming new CF for K-SWISS.

Then in the afternoon, he had a rehearsal for KBS Drama Awards, follow up by the official hosting of the award shows that went on for 3-4 hours. It was craaaazy long, but a sincere congratulations to him, seizing 3 awards, especially the Best Supporting Actor award for I Remember You—truly well deserved. His onscreen Hyung, though, was not as lucky—this I must express my utmost disappointment, for I believe Seo In Guk much deserves one, too.


Disappointment aside, and returning to topic, it looks like Bo Gum is transforming into his current Answer Me 1988 role, Choi Taek, wearing a pair of K-SWISS shoes playing a game of baduk. LOL, good promotion there, I give K-SWISS that, nobody can resist Taekie.


👆 Now this is cheeky Park Bo Gum…



👇 And this one is goofy Taekie. They should consider mixing it up with Lawyer Jang Sun Ho in it too. I think it would be interesting. LOL, I can hardly imagine eerie Lawyer Jang successfully selling shoes in CF, but it’s worth a try. It’ll be a good challenge for Bo Gum.


Source: K-SWISS Facebook | K-SWISS official site


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