First Peek! Descendants of the Sun Extended Preview


Last night whilst watching KBS Drama Awards, the station was kind enough to show us more insights of their 2016 upcoming dramas (more like promoting them all actually), and one of them were Descendants of the Sun (태양의 후예), penned by infamous writer-who-shouldn’t-deserve-such-attention, Kim Eun Sook. What’s surprising is, she is not writing this alone, giving me hope perhaps this drama won’t be disasterous like its predecessors.

The drama is helmed by Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo, and supported by actress Kim Ji Won.

This drama marks the first project and return to the entertainment industry for Song Joong Ki, after completing his military service. Hence, I really hope it will not kaput on his face for picking Kim Eun Sook. No doubt the show will be a success, because Kim Eun Sook must have done MANY good deeds in her past life, but script-wise, her dramas never really do it for me. No matter how hyped up her dramas may be, or how good the ratings are, she has put a tainted mark on the actors’ filmographies—for playing those horrible characters she wrote.

Hopefully, with the help of another writer Kim Won Suk, maybe I can look forward to the show from not having (too many) stupid, illogical elements. Hopes not high though, because Kim Eun Sook, as I heard, is pretty powerful, and she gets what she wants. Sigh.

Before last night, I have no plans to watch it, that is for sure, and possibly never touching it with a ten-foot pole. But then when I saw the preview, it changed my mind a little. I may watch it, but I will ensure I won’t put too much expectations, or emotional investment in it.

Official Trailer Preview

The longer preview trailer looks promising. Although I must point out, the lines between Joong Ki and Hye Kyo are totally Kim Eun Sook—which is very yuck by now. The teasing tone, the cheesy lines—it is always the same…

Cheesy lines aside, the element that I find catching my attention is the danger both leads face at a war zone or when under terrorist attack—it definitely makes a much more compelling story. I don’t like wars or disaster movies/dramas/stories, but I like the romance that develops during such tough times. They may become a sad tale, but will always remain beautiful in the hearts of those who survive; much like Titanic.


Song Joong Ki plays a soldier, Yoo Shi Jin, who fell in love with Kang Mo Yeon, the military doctor plays by Song Hye Kyo. I can see Joong Ki is releasing his onscreen charm from the preview, but I am also pretty sure he will start off being offensively rude/annoying because he’s Kim Eun Sook’s favourite kind of male character. Mo Yeon will challenge him at first; and I can only pray she does not become a meek, useless heroine by the end—like all female leads in Kim Eun Sook’s dramas.

The drama has completed its filming, so hurray to no live shooting for this drama, and what’s left is cross both fingers and toes that it won’t suck. 🙂


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