Gibberish-Blab: Taekie, Don’t Be Sad!


I feel so heavy-hearted after watching episode 16. There were scenes that meant to be comedic, but I couldn’t enjoy it as much when there are 3 major scenes that weigh me down so much more. They are not scenes I hate; they are just scenes that seriously puts me in an emotional turmoil, that’s all.

After watching Sun Woo’s reaction to his mother getting close to Taek’s Appa, we finally get the chance to see Taek’s reaction. It is not like I never imagined Taek’s reaction to be this way, but when it all played out, it somehow felt right that this had be Taek’s reaction. It also once again confirms even though he seems ‘other-worldly’ and needed protection, but he is actually the most mature of all the kids. His warm words and blessing to Appa put me to tears. Technically both Appa and Taek’s conversation put me to tears.

I love how much Appa cares what Taek thinks or feels about him with Sun Woo’s mother, and I love how understanding Taek is and wants Appa to be happy.  When Taek tells Appa he wants Appa to have warm food even when he is not around, it shows he feels guilty he cannot stay beside his Appa all the time when he has to concentrate on baduk. “This is Appa’s life. If you are happy I am all good.“—such a sweet, loving and open-hearted son. There is a part of me that expected him to react like Sun Woo, especially since in episode 2 he said he misses Omma every day. But this outcome turns out to be much suited to Taek and Appa’s relationship, particularly after Appa gotten ill, and how he went crazy worry about Taek previously in the plane crash episode. I believe it dawns on Taek that Appa needs someone who is always around to take care of him, and that Appa loves him a LOT, so much so that it did not matter if this new person joins the family; besides, this ahjumma is no stranger to him.

Another scene worth mentioning, and I thought is refreshing was the little side-story between Taek and Jung Bong Oppa. Hehehe, so cute. They never looked like they cross path this whole time, but little did we know, the two of them have secretly battled out in an arcade game. So funny. Yet so cute, the both of them. Of course it cracks me up big time to see the Choi Taek sitting inside an arcade, with a serious face on, playing games. It isn’t like I don’t understand his competitive streak, I do, because I grew up surrounded by competitive boys. But no matter what, it is still just a game. Hahaha. The seriousness is what makes this whole thing funnier.

To watch this scene: video

Aside from Taek and Appa touching scene, Bora and Appa’s scene totally render me into a puddle of goo. It was a very realistic scene to boot. We, the kids, do try to hold back our tears because if we cry, then our parents will worry about us even more. Likewise, our parents also try to hold back their tears so that we don’t worry about them. They also tell us similar things that Bora’s Appa says i.e.”Buy some meat”. For Korea, because meat is expensive, so Appa tells her to buy meat. For our family, dad just tells us not to be stingy when it comes to food, and to eat whatever we want. It is as if he knows I sometimes skip meals.

And finally, the last scene that completely shatter my heart to pieces. In my previous post, I mentioned the scenario I hope will play out for the loveline, in which I thought would have been better if the show go that way. However, I have forgotten South Korea is a land of angst; hence, it is only appropriate for Taek to step back and withdraw his plan to confess to Deok Sun. 💔

Like everyone who lives in Sang Mung Dong, I too, feel very protective of Taek. I just wanted him to be healthy and happy. To watch a tear trickled down from one side of his face after cancelling his plan with Deok Sun, my heart aches for him, very badly. Then for the rest of the day, I began to worry because not only he downs himself sleeping pills, he tells others not to bother him so he can sleep. There is a mini-me pacing back and forth in my mind thinking he wouldn’t overdose on those sleeping pills, right? Right? He has no such plans right?—especially not after giving his Appa his blessing (and knowing Appa will now have someone beside him, so he no longer needs to worry about Appa). Right?

There is this part of me that is sure Taek will not do such thing, but then it does not help when he has previously told Sun Woo he feels like dying when he is not with Deok Sun. This can’t be serious, it’s just a description, but not what he must really feel. No way. I refuse. Don’t you dare, writer-nim. I think with Taek, even if he didn’t mean to be suicidal, his behaviour with baduk gives off the “he would die if …“, so it is worrisome that even though he did not mean to, he might accidentally get himself into that situation.

Sigh these two boys. I love that they love each other, and treasure one another, but this is getting a tad ridiculous. Maybe perhaps we can spend the next 4 episodes on Deok Sun figuring out who she loves, because there is no point these two boys going through the ‘heartbreak’ ordeal unnecessary when we don’t even know Deok Sun’s heart beats for who.

Let’s just say I don’t look forward to see either one of the boys date other girls whilst their hearts still beat for Deok Sun, that makes them a jerk. If they did it in a way to mislead Deok Sun, then okay, as long as the girl(s) knew it all along it is a show. Either way, Imma just don’t like this set-up. Ma boys are good boys, why make them an asshole, writer?

On a lighter note, Park Bo Gum attended KBS Entertainment Award ceremony the same time whilst Answer Me 1988 episode 16 is showing, and he won a newcomer entertainment award. Not that I am in the mood for this good news, since I’m worry sick of a fictional character he played, LOL, what have you done to me, Bogummy?


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