Lee Jong Suk Finally Confirms New Project


After nearly a year of hiatus from our TV screens, Lee Jong Suk has finally decided to make a come-back with a new project—except it’s a Korean-Chinese collaborated drama.

Let me just take a moment, and… @#$%^*@$

Yeah. Excuse the cursing. I know it is inevitable nowadays, what with countless actors/actresses such as Kim Hee Sun, Song Seung Heon, Rain, Siwon, Lee Min Ho, Son Yeh Jin, Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won and etc. already venturing into the Chinese market respectively. But still, when the news broke out, it still does not feel good.

The Korean-Chinese drama named Jade Lover (working title) has a budget of 40 billion won, and will reunite Lee Jong Suk with with director Jin Hyuk (City Hunter, Dr. Stranger). The drama is set in the 1930s, a fantasy romance story that is funded by global media group DMG Entertainment, which previously has created Hollywood movie hits such as Iron Man 3 and Point Break.

Filming will begin January next year in Shanghai and various other locations in China. The female lead’s identity has not yet been revealed, but it has been hinted she is considered a top actress in China.

With that much fund to produce a drama and plentiful time to complete filming before it goes on air, especially with PD Jin Hyuk’s style—it is expected that the drama should have high quality cinematorgraphy. Thus, the most pressing question now is: Who is the script writer? As good as Jin Hyuk may be in directing, but with a poor script (cough Dr. Stranger cough)—not even genius Park Hoon can save the world.

Fans might be happy just to have him back on-screen, but the question lies in where will it be aired?—China or Korea? If it is in China only, then 100% his voice will be dubbed. Boo. Somehow it does not feel like he’s really back with us. But the good news is Jong Suk is a 89’er baby, so he still has two more years to produce good quality dramas/movies, unlike Ji Chang Wook, Joo Won or Lee MinHo, who very likely their last projects are those C-dramas/movies—which has a very high chance of failure to deliver.

Ah well. Everything has been set in stone. We can only wait and see, and have faith that all these Korean-Chinese shows won’t disappoint.


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