InStyle with Park Seo Joon in New York


Hey, handsome! Looking really good in these photoshoot. Here we have it, the January 2016’s issue of InStyle  photoshoot done in New York, where I questioned if Park Seo Joon actually went there to work, or to play—since he and his managers looked like they were having waaaaayyy too much fun there touring the Big Apple.

I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting to look around. There were LOTS to see in the city. I especially love the arts and crafts I see as I walk the streets in New York City.

Food was pretty awesome and with many varieties as well. Broadway musicals, OMG. I believe he had gone to see The Lion King whilst he was there. It’s definitely worth a watch, that show.

Park Seo Joon recently celebrated his birthday, okay, literally 2 days ago it was his birthday, but he had it earlier with his fans. I didn’t follow through it all, but I know his KeyEast colleague, Lee Hyun Woo, dropped by. His dad also paid a surprise visit that prompted him to tear up. I wonder if he looks anything like dad.

I hope he’s coming back to the small screen again, soon, although not at all want him to do that sageuk drama he’s rumoured to have received the script. Please don’t do a sageuk. Pray

I’m not sure if this is part of the photoshoot or… but somehow I really like this one extracted from his Instagram account. It looks unpretentious, and he’s not really posing for the camera—just casually looking at the menu, and perhaps ordering some food. I think the word I was looking for is: natural.

Source: InStyle


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