First Peek! Official Posters for Madame Antoine


Ooohhhh~ me likey the poster theme of this drama. It has a Harry Potter–Professor Cybill Trelawney’s feel to it, the pretty version that is. But then posters are often misleading, as I have learnt from experience—it doesn’t represent the quality of the drama—not at all.

That said, here we have two beautiful (and tall) people — Han Ye Seul (Birth of a Beauty) and Sung Joon (High Society) helming JTBC’s upcoming drama named Madame Antoine. Other supporting actors include 2AM’s Jinwoon (Marriage Not Dating) and Lee Joo Hyung (Naeil’s Cantabile).

Han Ye Seul plays Go Hye Rim, an intelligent and famous fortune-teller who goes by the name of Madame Antoine, because she claims she has a divine connection to Madame Antoinette. It is all fake of course; she is just very good at reading people. Heck, I don’t mind having this skill.

Sung Joon plays Choi Soo Hyun, a psychotherapist who does not believe in true love (cliché, dude, cliché); however, it probably holds true to the modern people of this era whereby the divorce rate is so high, and people’s value and opinions on love and relationship have altered so much compared to the past.

I am interested to check out this drama because I like pretty people, and I also want to know if the storyline will be worth the watch; after all, it is supposedly a rom-com, a genre I welcome with open arms. I do, however, am a little concern it is written by the scriptwriter who wrote King 2 Hearts and Marry Him if You Dare (also known as Mi Rae’s Choice). For those who have seen both dramas would know—this writer has the tendencies to write bland main leads and interesting second leads, but only to kill off the second leads’ character completely in the latter half of the shows.

Isn’t she a psycho, or what?

I can only pray to Drama God that this time, she sticks to develop a strong, attractive, and most importantly, INTERESTING main characters. I don’t mind if she gives me good supporting characters, too, but I’ll just be happy enough if she can succeed with just the main first. Baby step, yunno.


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