First Peek! Ji Chang Wook’s Mr Right First Official Still

Here we have it—the first still of Ji Chang Wook‘s upcoming Chinese drama, Mr Right (formerly I have blogged about it when it was known as My Male God). The drama is actively filming right now in Shanghai, and there is not many behind the scenes or official stills floating around, even though many Wookie fans are stalking him from his hotel to shooting location every day. So we do see some BTS leaked by fans, heh.

[Updated 17.12.2015]

As expected, the production starts to release more stills. The picture above gives us Mr Right’s female lead — Yang Hai Yi, starring Chinese actress, Wang Xiang Chen.

I happened to dig up on Mr Right last weekend, and must say, the plot I chance upon on Baidu Baike is nothing to brag about. But in case it is real, then we would first see Yang Hai Yi falling for Wang Rui — Wang Wei An’s twin brother (also plays by Ji Chang Wook). Hai Yi then mistook Wei An as Wang Rui, and actively pursues him romantically.

Andy Zhang Dan Feng, the guy from the image below, plays Wang Rui and Wang Wei An’s rival. He also likes Hai Yi.

It is a reaaaally shitty backstory on paper, and I can only hope that is NOT real. Le sigh. I wish you good luck, Mr. Ji, and I pray this drama/writer will prove me wrong. In fact, I’m counting on it to prove me wrong.

For more Ji Chang Wook and Mr Right related pictures, head to Mr Right official weibo for a peek. Whilst you are at it, it would be wise to follow that account too, because I am pretty sure soon the drama stills will start pouring out.

Source: Baidu Baike | Mr Right Official Weibo



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