First Peek! Youth Over Flowers in Iceland


Not so long ago, the infamous and notorius Na PD (Na Young Suk) sent three actors — Jung Sang Hoon (37), Jo Jung Suk (35) and Jung Woo (35) to the Iceland to film tvN’s real life variety show—Youth Over Flowers. Little did we know that immediately after attending the award ceremony, Kang Ha Neul (25) also took off (note: without any luggages and still in his suit) to join the boys!

And here we have today, the official poster of the boys freezing to death in Iceland, with the caption “It’s so cold, might as well stay at home.” Ha. Seriously, even if Na PD gives me USD 1 million dollar, I would probably NOT want to embark on this journey. Imma not Princess Elsa. Preview Trailer

Youth Over Flower in Iceland will start airing on tvN on January 1, 2016. I might actually follow up on this one since it’s Chefunim related. He looked like he has had some BABO moments with the voice translation on the phone, LOL.

In the preview, he’s also exclaimed, “I miss mum”. What is it with Korean boys and their love for mum? What about Gummy? Don’t you miss her, Jo Jung Suk?

Maybe after watching this show, I might change my mind about Iceland. Maybe.

More teaser short clips can be found at: Youth Over Flowers Official site


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