Gibberish-Blab: Taek and Jung Hwan


tvN’s hit franchise — the 3rd installment of the Answer Me series, Answer Me 1988, has successfully surpassed its predecessors in terms of rating. The latest episode register an average of 13% and 11.8% on AGB and TNMS respectively. Clap Clap Clap Congratulations to the casts, and long-live the friendship between these kids.

I’m over guessing who the hubby is now (okay fine, at least for this week), I don’t suppose I can slice my heart into two, and give each of the half to these two boys? By default, I went into watching this show rooting for Park Bo Gum; Taek has proved to be worthy, but then I did not expect Ryu Jun Yeol as Jung Hwan, who is equally lovable, so I find myself rooting for him too. The problem lies in, why is there only ONE Sung Deok Sun? 😥

This episode’s title is “Loving Someone Means…“: this did not exactly apply to just Jung Hwan’s feelings for Deok Sun; it also covers other characters’ relationship e.g. Sun Woo towards his mother.

There is not much development for the love triangle on the front, but rather, we get short but sweet glimpses of the interactions between the two pairs. Jung Hwan continues to stay as the quiet hero, being the sweet caring son and friend as he always is, and still fighting his internal conflict. He loves Deok Sun, but he also loves and cares about Taek (aww to the tugging him to bed scene). I don’t care if Netizens say he’s being a fool, a noble idiot; he has every right to hesitate and be conflicted. I would too, if I were in his shoes, hesitate to break the harmony between the friendship. I would fear that my own selfish desire would lead to breaking a 20 years long friendship. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jung Hwan did nothing at all until they have become adults years later, when things fall through between Deok Sun and Taek.

Meanwhile, Deok Sun makes some advancement towards Jung Hwan whilst being oblivious about Taek’s feelings. She tries to be closer to Jung Hwan, but I’m not so sure how much more can she do if Jung Hwan continues to be cold towards her. Nonetheless, I love the below scene the most between Deok Sun and Jung Hwan, more so than the bus scene.

I love Jung Hwan’s gestures towards mum when he finds out his parents can’t read English. He’s a good boy/son. Aw. Isn’t this scene adorable?—trying to keep up his stone-cold façade, but completely fails. It totally suits his character, too. LOL. Jung Hwan’s dad would have been thrilled having a daughter-in-law like Deok Sun to keep him company since his own family doesn’t appreciate his cold jokes. Hee.

But then I also find Deok Sun is equally needed at Taek’s house. Her bubbly and lively personality would have light up Taek’s house and brings it back to life. At the moment, Taek’s family needed someone like Deok Sun lots more than Jung Hwan’s family. And Taek needs Deok Sun whom he can trust to guide him, in life. Heh.

Deok Sun’s Cursing Lesson #1: let’s take notes!

It’s heart wrenching to see baduk drains so much energy off of Taek. There’s no surprise after 10 hours 30 minutes, he looks like a zombie. I’m still in awe how his brain is still intact after a 10 hours match. Mine would have melted, and all that is left is a sea of disintegrated brain cells in lava form.

There was no clue (yet) as to when Taek started harbouring feelings for Deok Sun, but I suspect his started a lot earlier than Jung Hwan’s. (I still remember the scene when the boys got drunk, he openly admitted Deok Sun has gotten prettier whilst Jung Hwan strong disagree. At that time, I strongly believe Taek has already had a crush on Deok Sun). I hold the belief that Deok Sun to him, had always been special since very young.

His contentment when he rested his head on Deok Sun is very telling that he now sees her as ‘home’ — his resting place, where he can shed off a day’s burden, be himself, and relax. Aww, and that smile when she tells him he’s got a hard day. Just…awwwwww. Come here puppy, I’ll give you a pat and a massage.

Did anyone swoon when Taek walks into the restaurant in this baseball cap, white turtle-neck knitwear, white-blue coat with jeans and snickers? My heart totally skip a beat <3. The way he dressed made him looks less kiddy and even manly, especially after Deok Sun’s unfortunate encounter with the byeontae ahjussi. And imma isn’t talking about him having a cigarette in the mouth, but rather of his observant (of Deok Sun’s fear) act and action as a protector in contrast to previously having always been the protectee.

The viewers have always been given the illusion that Taek is pure and innocent, to some level he is, but I would disagree he lacks the maturity of an adult man. As protective the adults and his friends may be towards him, they have also equally expose him (or share with him) the things that all teenage boys do i.e. alcohol, erotic books or porns. I still hold a grudge towards Show making him a cigarette addict. 😡 And while everyone tries to protect him from the bad things in the world, yet they did not bat an eyelid of his newly taken up BAD habit! Waeeee? I don’t give a damn about how cigarettes calm the nerves, and I would have turned a blind eye if he were only to smoke before each match, but now it’s proven that he’s addicted, and needed a puff now and then. Somebody needs to tell him off, and stop cutting him slacks. Aish.

So here we have Taek, the genius baduk player, taking god knows what medicines and puffing cigaretters—who also happens to not eat properly whenever he’s too concentrated in competition. Gaaaaah. Are you planning to kill him off, Show, so that Jung Hwan can have Deok Sun in the end? >:(

Next week’s episode hinted the possibility of Taek finding out their parents gotten a little too close. From the preview, Sun Woo has expressed his displeasure, and Taek disappear for reason(s) we do not yet know—Could it be because of Daddy Taek seeing Mummy Sun Woo?

I would not put it pass him at all that he won’t be upset about it in the beginning. As we know, everyday he misses his mother, and I trust that he believes Dad does too. Hence, for Dad to move on means Dad will need to bury the memory of his mother; and he would have to share his Dad’s love with another family. It’s all an assumption, but I think they are valid possibilities. That said, I know too little of Taek to be able to judge what goes on in his  brain (other than baduk & Deok Sun); thus, it would be good we have some insights into his mind next week.


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