Ryu Jun Yeol Endorses Bean Pole Clothings


Bwahaha! I feel like I am looking at the 90’s Jung Hwan in college. He’s totally in Jung Hwan’s mode as well in the photoshoot/CF.

Ryu Jun Yeol is the new model for clothing brand Bean Pole, and Bean Pole also sponsors the clothings he wears in Answer Me 1988.

TVCF for BEANPOLE 1988 (30 seconds)


I nearly had a heart attack thinking: “Did Bean Pole drop Kim Soo Hyun and took up Ryu Jun Yeol? Why? Bean Pole have been going so well working with Soo Hyun!”, but after digging through a bit, I realise I’ve scared myself. Soo Hyun endorses Bean Pole outdoor range, meanwhile Ryu Jun Yeol seems to be modelling under the clothing range, Bean Pole 1988.


And because it is designed to look like the clothes and backdrops are from the 80’s-90’s, it also fits in with the drama Answer Me 1988. Heh. Not so many years later, we will probably see Jung Hwan in college, so it’s very likely that he dress like this. Hehehe.


With girls chasing behind his back, him dating other girls. It is plausible especially after the development of episode 10. I could so see him backing off and let his love/feelings unrequited because of Taek’s confession. I am not a fan of noble idiots, but as we have seen, the whole gang is protective of Taek and pampers him so much so that I really think they’d sacrifice anything for this angelic baby Taek.


It will fit the bill that Deok Sun’s husband is Jung Hwan if he buries his feelings now, and tries to move on, dates a few girls in the next few episodes. I don’t know, but we shall see if that is the case.


To be honest, with 10 episodes left, are they going to have a time jump any time soon? We have to speed things up soon, or else the kids are just taking too long to grow up.


Taek’s honesty is a huge blow to Jung Hwan, and I am just dying to find out what’s going to happen next. I can’t help smiling whenever I re-watch the part between Deok Sun and Taek—wishing they stay like that forever.


So it is going to really hurt when the dynamics between the trio change. When they no longer are buddies, but are seeing each other as man and woman. Urgh. Why do we all have to grow up? Why do things become so complicated once we reach adulthood. 😦

Source: Bean Pole



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