Park Seo Joon: Sophisticated & Always Ready in High Cut


What the..? Never have I expected Park Seo Joon attending the 36th Blue Dragon Awards would turn into a series of behind the scenes photoshoot, featuring in Vol.163 of High Cut.


He was all suited up that night—looking so charming on the red carpet; yet hand shaky and nervous on stage when receiving the popularity award—but I totally did not expect him doing a photoshoot for High Cut during the award ceremony. So random.


So here we have it: Our Editor Ji—Park Seo Joon—always looking good for the camera. It feels like any pictures in anything he is able to turn into a pictorial that can be featured in a magazine. Sigh. Life’s unfair, eh?


I’m going to attach two more fan-taken pictures of him from that night—looking absolutely radiant and handsome on the red carpet and on stage.


The man is currently having a blast in New York City. He’s supposed to be there for InStyle photoshoot, but pictures of him surfacing on SNS lately indicated he’s also taking a holiday over there. I’m not even sure he wants to go home! Apparently, he has already visited the Times Square; watched The Lion King on stage; been to Central Park, and many other tourist areas.

Source: High Cut | Every Little Minute | Awesome Seo Jun


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