First Peek! 9 Minutes Preview to Remember


Three more posters have been released today for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember. The press conference was held yesterday, and thus, we now have 9 minutes+ of preview trailer to peek into.

I don’t usually watch press conference’s trailers—because they are filled with spoilers, but this time, I could not help it. And ah, I got it all wrong for the first meeting of the hero and heroine—turns out the 18 years old is actually Yoo Seung Ho, LOL. Fine, that makes sense, since in real life, Park Min Young is 7 years old than him.

The drama looks a lot more melo and serious than I thought. Crap. It is also hinting at my tear ducts are in danger from deterioration by the time I get to the finale of the drama.

The preview itself is quite straight forward without the subtitles, and it shows mostly what happens to Seo Jin Woo and his father when he was 18 years old. I keep seeing Lee In Ah on the sideline, witnessing what is happening; I don’t quite like seeing her looking helpless and purposeless, so fingers crossed when the time jumps, her character poses more use in the drama.

Overall, I am still interested to watch it. Come to think of it, I haven’t watched many dramas/movies of the genre ‘drama’. This would be a good start, and see if I am still iffy about melodramas…


The tone of these posters are a huge concern, particularly with Park Min Young smiling sadly, with tears, while resting her head on Yoo Seung Ho’s chest. Dude, why are you sad?—You are having skinship with a young, good-looking man! One can only hope the posters are not an indication of the drama theme being ‘dark, serious and melo’, all the time, and that the ending is the opposite of happiness.




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