First Peek! Official Poster for Remember & More Stills


The official poster has finally been released for the upcoming Wed-Thu SBS drama, Remember,as we see Yoo Seung Ho (Imaginary Cat, Joseon Magician) and Park Min Young (Healer) sitting closely together beside the train track having a romantic date (?).

In previous post, I have mentioned Yoo Seung Ho plays Seo Jin Woo — a genius lawyer with Hyperthymesia, and I am guessing he will go up against the prosecutor Lee In Ah played by Park Min Young in court few times until they fall in love.

Seo Jin Woo lost his mother and brother at a very young age, and later his father was framed and on a death row for murder. The story is about proving his father’s innocence. It is reported that the train track in the poster symbolises the tough life Seo Jin Woo walks; whereas Lee In Ah hugging him from the back symbolises her willingness to share the good and fight the bad with Jin Woo; as well as provide him warmth, love and comfort.


The production team said, “When Seo Jin Woo and Lee In Ah first met, one was 18 years old and the other was 23 years old. They meet again when both are working adults. The story is very persuasive; we believe this drama will provide deep resonance to the viewers.”

Remember will take over the slot from Village: The Secret of Achiara on December 9. Oh, that’s one more week away. Awesome.


I look forward to the drama because of cutie pie, Yoo Seung Ho, and is ready to collect him as my new bias too. However, I am still going to be very strict with expectations of what this drama can potentially deliver. I can only hope it will not disappoint. *Fingers crossed*

It has been dry lately in Kdrama Land, with no captivating dramas to watch except Answer Me 1988, so I am really hoping Remember will rehydrate the land, soon.


Park Min Young has proven herself to be a capable actress after Healer, so I am expecting her to continue delivering that refreshing, impressive or bigger breakthrough performance for this drama. Although I should also be ready for disappointment, just in case the script writer do not give her a challenging female role to portray. After all, not all writer is Song Ji Na.

Min Young should consider changing her hairstyle; like she did for Healer. Right now, I am getting Kim Nana déjà vu from the above picture.







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