She Was Pretty’s Fashion: Min Ha Ri


In previous post of She Was Pretty‘s fashion, the focus was on Kim Hye Jin, now this post will be on her BFF — Min Ha Ri (Go Joon Hee).

Ha Ri is one daring girl who has extreme taste / choice in fashion. I mean, some of the clothes she has chosen to mix-match and wear are totally nae style aniya (meaing: not my style). However, it would be quite interesting to know if others actually like her fashion, and is inspired to wear them in real life. Funny thing is a lot of the fashion in She Was Pretty for the girls, I think it was something that was in the trend in the 90s.

One of the highlights of Ha Ri’s wardrobe has got to be the pyjamas. Her other clothes may not be nae style, but I have special liking to some of those PJs.


Source: gogoboi

It is a pity that gogoboi isn’t doing the boys’ fashion. 😦 Instead of the girls, I am more interested in the Sung Joon’s wardrobe. 😀 Especially his panties, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~


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