First Peek! Joseon Magician Drops Teaser Trailer


Joseon Magician (English Title: The Magician) starring Yoo Seung Ho and Go Ara, is premiering soon some time in December. Although, it does not look like an exact date has been set for the premiere, but posters, stills and trailers are now pouring out to pique our interest.

Yesterday, the movie releases its second teaser trailer (which is literally just the longer version of the first).

After watching the preview trailer, I am deeply concerned it is going to end badly. All through the course of the preview, the trailer oozes a sad tone; and with my luck for sageuk movie — it is not a good sign.


I don’t know whether it is just me, or all sageuk movies are ALWAYS sad, because I realised all sageuk movies I have seen so far — they almost always end with a sad ending.


Go Ara: Head or tail?—where Head = Bad; Tail = Good.


I consider myself pretty lucky with my choices for sageuk Kdramas, but heck, it’s the total opposite when it comes to sageuk movies. Whatever it is, to kill off beautiful man like Yoo Seung Ho is a crime, I hope the scriptwriter for Joseon Magician knows that s/he is commiting an abomination if he dies in the end, just for love.


Fingers crossed this rotten luck ends with the previous sageuk movie I saw, and this will be a miracle (for a change). Let the lovebirds fly away in happiness, that is, alive, I mean.




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