Park Bo Gum, Ryu Jun Yeol, Go Kyung Pyo and Ryu Hye Young Reunited for SURE and Star 1


Why? Why is unni Sung Bora played by Ryu Hye Young gets to be surrounded by my 3 favourite boys from Answer Me 1988 in two photoshoots — SURE and Star1? Waenyeol? Wae so lucky?

Luckiness aside, Ryu Hye Young is leaving a strong impression in the show. Before Answer Me 1988, I don’t even know this actress exists, but now I am totally loving her as badass Bora. 


In the beginning, I find Bora a bully; excessively violent and abuses her power—just because she is the eldest in the house. But now, I have warmed up to her after seeing through her tough exterior, and have began liking her spunkiness. And really, siblings are what siblings do, they annoy each other. To be honest, Deok Sun sometimes does deserve some beating up, LOL, because she deliberately annoys Bora.

As we get further down the episode, it is shown that Bora’s mouth may protest, but as her mother’s predicted, she does do what she has been asked to do. It’s actually quite funny. But it’s only because she doesn’t know how to express herself properly, and I honestly think this is very true in real life in (older generations of) Asian families.

I like Bora for her independence and maturity; and she doesn’t whine like Deok Sun. She’s a tough cookie, but a soft marshmallow on the inside. All in all, Ryu Hye Young is doing a good job as Bora. 🙂


Back to the development of Answer Me 1988 (since I have nothing to talk about re: the photoshoots), I am surprised Go Kyung Pyo is out as the candidate of Deok Sun’s husband, but that’s okay, because he goes right in as Hubby candidate#1 of Bora’s. What the heck, show. You are drilling my head from both sides now?

It is extremely difficult to choose who to root for, because the show makes all the boys so loveable. Sun Woo is such a sweet son, warm and gentle in nature, a loving brother, and a loyal friend. How can anybody not like him? Go Kyung Pyo is doing so well playing Sun Woo too, although in comparison, I find his character getting outshine by characters like Taek and Jung Hwan.

To me, Taek and Jung Hwan sit on the opposite ends of one another in terms of character impression. Taek is too soft, whereas Jung Hwan is too tough, and Sun Woo happens to be right in the middle—the one that possess both softness and toughness—the neutral one. It’s hard to explain, but it is how I perceive these 3 boys. Thus, the extremely soft and tough boys are stealing Sun Woo’s spotlight, so to speak, is what I am getting at.

That said, with Go Kyung Pyo’s and Park Bo Gum‘s filmographies, I thought these two boys were cast as the male leads, and are the ones fighting it out in the love triangle—that one of them will eventually win Deok Sun. Little did I know it turns out rookie actor, Ryu Jun Yeol, is the the strongest contender, the male lead? Or not? Confused.

I should have paid more attention to casting news, but it does seem this way with 6 episodes in. I was really surprise at how little onscreen time Bo Gum has for each episode, although it looks like we will see more of him now that he has time off from baduk competition, and has stealthily asked Deok Sun out for a movie. Go! Taekie!


I love Ryu Jun Yeol’s portrayal of Jung Hwan as well. I love how Jung Hwan is in tune to his parents’ mood; underneath that expressionless face and incapability of expressing love and affection to his family, he does try to ensure his family is happy—which is really sweet. He is one of those quiet hero, one that gives silently, and doesn’t ask favours in return. So again, how can we not love this boy, too?

His one-sided love for Deok Sun is going to kill us softly and silently; I just know it. I have to ensure I am mentally prepared when the time comes: when the kids are more grown up, and love becomes the reason that eventually drive the friendship apart, like it did for Answer Me 1997. Then again, I am always ready for some good Feels.


There is not much of Taek for the last 5 episodes, but each time he appears, we are never disappointed with the effects he brought to the screen. I’m serious. Park Bo Gum, as an actor, has that talent and potential to be greater than he is now in future. He is a versatile actor: he  can do pure, innocent and angelic, but is also capable of pure evil; and I mean the spine chilling you-don’t-even-know-you-are-going-to-die type of evil. I ❤ it!

I was worried that he will be typecast—playing the cute and goody-two-shoes roles due to his looks, especially after having seen him play similar roles in Naeil’s Cantabile and Coin Locker Girl. However, after seeing his performance in I Remember You earlier this year, I no longer worry.

… which lead us back to wae there is so little screen time for him in the last 5 episodes. Hmph. But then there is no complaint that he is chosen as Taek. Through his portrayal, with such limited scenes in each episode: we have seen Taek’s sadness and longing for mum, his cute and innocent babo’s side, his loneliness, his stress, his stubbornness and weakness, and more importantly, he has a temper too. I swear, the episode that he lost his competition, I thought the dormat volcano was going to erupt when his chingu show no mercy with his feelings. And now we see his crush for Deok Sun. Ahhhhhhhhh~

Apart from the hubby mystery doing my head in, I am more worried about this boy. What medication is he taking? Sleeping pill? Pain killers? When he lost, he looks like he was having migraines, but then the latest episode suggested sleeping pills because the baduk master said he can’t sleep. Whatever it is, I hope it isn’t foreshadowing that he will get drug overdose in future. Fine if he must, but NO DEATH! Don’t you dare kill off my Taekie, writer-nim. *Fist ready*

Source: SURE and Star1




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