Answer Me 1988: Who is the Mystery Husband?


I notice I haven’t been spazzing about Answer Me 1988, but I am very much in love with the show from the very beginning. The show has heart—I find myself laughing and crying, overwhelmed by emotions. I can relate to it, as well as finding it a lot more realistic than the predecessor, Answer Me 1997. This isn’t because I was born in that time; it is because the premise is about relationship of family and friendship—it is what we experience in everyday life.

I just completed episode 6; adult Deok Sun (Lee Mi Yeon) and hubby (Kim Joo Hyuk) made another appearance, and this time we also see adult Bora (Jeon Mi Sun), who seems completely different to her young self, i.e. more mellow and is actually scared to let her husband knows she’s smoking. Curious. Who possess a stronger personality than Bo Ra for her to behave like that?

Aishhhh… but the point is: Just when I thought I can free my brain up after the mysteries behind She Was Pretty, I find myself entangled in thoughts about who Deok Sun’s husband is; in addition, now Bora’s husband too. Sigh.


After this episode, it is clear that Sun Woo (Go Kyung Pyo) is out, and Choi Taek (Park Bo Gum) is in. So next week onwards, it’s Taek versus Jung Hwan!


This is doing my head in to be honest. I mean, from the way adult Deok Sun and hubby bicker—it seems so god damn obvious that the hubby is young Jung Hwan (Ryu Jun Yeol). They are behaving exactly like we see them do every single episode—bickering. Not to mention, the hubby knows her crush on Sun Woo, and she wrote to the radio show. Only Jung Hwan knows that in this episode! However, can it be really this simple? No, right?

The bias in me wants Taek (because I ❤ Bogummy more than Ryu Jun Yeol, LOL), but right now, the adult hubby’s personality does not match well with young Taek’s. As we know, current Taek is super quiet, shy and there is no way he would bicker with Deok Sun like that. But then this does not mean Taek won’t change in the future; after all, they are only 18 now, and there is 27 long years for him to change and open up, too. Right? Right?


I’m kind of worried that Taek’s love for Deok Sun will not be reciprocated. It has always seem so one-sided from the beginning. Deok Sun’s parents always joke that they have booked Taek as their future son-in-law, and Deok Sun tells Taek to hurry and grow up so he can marry her—as genius as he can be in Baduk, but we all know, he’s a babo in everything else. I’m afraid Taek actually took all these jokes seriously. 😦 I don’t want him to get hurt, that’s all.


Just don’t tell me in the end that the hubby is actually Dong Ryong (Lee Dong Hwi). I will flip tables. The height of future hubby suggested it’s not Dong Ryong though, LOL. LOL.

Taking into account the clues given so far, Deok Sun and hubby didn’t immediately date. Adult Deok Sun tells us hubby has dated other girls before her. Thus, my fear now is Deok Sun actually dates Taek as a rebound from her heartbreak with Sun Woo, whilst Jung Hwan gave up Deok Sun, and dated others girls before they officially get together. Please don’t go that way, writer — I don’t want to see Taek’s heartbreak!


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