Yamashita Tomohisa & Ishihara Satomi in 5-ji Kara 9-ji Made


As previously posted, I started watching Kara 9-ji Made: Watashi ni Koi Shita Obōsan (also known as From 5 to 9) and was enjoying it for the first 3 episodes. But I can’t quite grasp the reason behind the vast popularity though. True that it has its comedic moments; the male and female leads (and supporting characters) are beautiful to look at,  but I didn’t think it was so special that many would be hooked. I see people falling in love or re-falling in love with Yamashita Tomohisa, as well as Ishihara Satomi.


Funny thing is they have been around J-Entertainment for years. To only garner international attention now (or once again) just seems abstruse. However, I am happy for Yamapi (Yamashita’s nickname), because I think in comparison, his dramas haven’t been doing well after the success of Code Blue.


Satomi is always doing dramas, but funnily, there isn’t one drama from her that I can say I ❤ it. I’ve seen many from hers, but they were never dramas I like. She was absolutely gorgeous and goddess like in Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso, but the show itself was plain B-A-D. Here is to hope that she gets more opportunities, and better scripts after the success of From 5 to 9.


Unlike Satomi, I can name a lot of Yamapi’s past dramas that I enjoy, but his more current ones really does not hit the heart, which is a pity. But then I think this is because J-dramas in general are going into a slump. My recommendation of Yamapi’s old works would be Operation Love (he’s soooo cute in it and love the hair!); Kurosagi; Code Blue 1 & 2; Buzzer Beat (hate the hair) and Nobuta wo Produce (he’s weird in there but you’ll get used it and start loving him).


Four more episodes, From 5 to 9 will end, J-drama has always been short, unlike K-dramas, and it has its good and bad to it. However, if a J-drama is popular, they are also very likely to be followed up by a second season, or a Special. So I’m not too fuss that it’s closing to an end. My concern is the current story is losing my interest; I am starting to find some plot holes. For example, that woman who insists she is the better choice for Hoshikawa—Like really, woman? “How much do you even know the man? How is it that you can be so confident?” More importantly, how does she even convince herself she will be happy, when she clearly knows who he loves? Or love isn’t important in their marriage, it’s the future of the temple? I.CANNOT.COMPREHEND.

Then we have Hoshikawa’s grandmother being an extremely stubborn, old hag! She is so frustrating to watch. Next episode she brings back—supposedly—Hoshikawa’s brother. Erm, okaaaaaayyyy. How is he a better candidate than Hoshikawa in inheriting the temple? I am guessing she’s only using the brother to bait Hoshikawa to return to his senses, but still, that old-fashioned lady needs to get a life.

Ugh. Yes. I’m sure by now everyone can tell I did not enjoy the latter episodes as much. LOL. It’s true, I don’t. There are still parts that I like, but I wish there was more focus on developing Hoshikawa and Junko’s characters, or share with the viewers Hoshikawa’s past — how he became expressionless like he is now etc., rather than focusing on the stupid things mentioned above. It makes my blood boils, and to calm down, I’m just going to shut up now and do some swooning of below pictures of Yamapi in kimono. <3<3<3





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