Miss A’s Suzy Beautiful 1st Look in Hanbok


Oh woah! This… this is an exceptionally beautiful photoshoot that will be featured in December issue of the magazine, 1st Look, by Miss A’s Suzy. Whoever the photographer is, let me bow down to him/her, because upon seeing these pictures, I was mesmerised.

Can anyone not?


I love the colours used in the pictures, her makeup, and the hanbok—which I am pretty sure it isn’t the traditional hanbok, but who cares, I love the simplicity of it all.


More importantly, this is actually the most beautiful pictures I have seen of Suzy. She has always given me the impression of a young girl doing lots of aegyo, trying to act cute, but is not exactly the naturally cute type. And then she attempted to look sexy during the period of promoting Miss A’s new album this year—I didn’t think the sexy woman image suit her, purely because she came across looking trashy rather than decent. Sorry.


But these pictures… these pictures are purely sensational. Now I understand why Korean men love her, because I cannot stop swooning at her, too. I do hope there are more shots taken that will be published soon. I would love to see more beautiful work from this photographer.

Few hours later…

OMG! I found moreeeee, and just as I thought, they are gorgeous.


The reason for featuring Suzy in a Hanbok is most likely because she has completed a sageuk movie named The Sound of a Flower, starring alongside Ryu Seung Ryong. The movie is set to hit the theatres November 25.

Suzy is currently filming a new drama with co-stars Kim Woo Bin and Im Joo Hwan in Lightly, Ardently.




Leaving my least favourite last.


And then there are MOARRR behind the scenes shots!







Source: 1st Look | blossom in winter


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