First Peek! Yoo Seung Ho is Deadly in Remember


Good god, is this boy trying to kill me? Does he not know I am susceptible to pretty, good-looking men? It’s a crime to look this delicious, someone please take Yoo Seung Ho (Joseon Magician [1] [2]) away and lock him up. Having said that, I am well aware the pictures are greatly enhanced to look this pretty with the help of Photoshop, but still… *dripping drools*

Nonsense talk aside (and wiping away the drools), these are new stills released by media for his upcoming drama, Remember. The drama also stars Park Min Young (Healer) as the female lead, who recently returned from China filming a C-drama.


Yoo Seung Ho plays a genius lawyer, Seo Jin Woo, who has the condition of Hyperthymesia. Say what? Let imma Google this first. Okay, Wikipedia says:

Hyperthymesia is the condition of possessing an extremely detailed autobiographical memory. Hyperthymestics remember an abnormally vast number of their life experiences. Individuals with hyperthymesia can recall almost every day of their lives in near perfect detail, as well public events that hold some personal significance to them. Those affected describe their memories as uncontrollable associations, when they encounter a date, they “see” a vivid depiction of that day in their heads. Recollection occurs without hesitation or conscious effort. It is important to draw a distinction between those with hyperthymesia and those with other forms of exceptional memory, who generally use mnemonic or similar rehearsal strategies to memorize long strings of subjective information. Memories recalled by hyperthymestic individuals tend to be personal, autobiographical accounts of both significant and mundane events in their lives. This extensive and highly unusual memory does not derive from the use of mnemonic strategies; it is encoded involuntarily and retrieved automatically.

Hmm… I am 50% envious of anyone who possess such talent, and 50% relief I don’t have such talent. If my life is filled with just happiness, I probably do not mind, but who would want to remember every little detail of the stress, anger, emotions one have had to go through each day. Uh uh. No thanks.


The drama is about Jin Woo trying to prove his father’s innocence, who is on a death row for a murder he did not commit. Park Min Young plays a prosecutor who helps clear his father’s name. Namgoong Min (The Girl Who Sees Smells) will play a villain in which Jin Woo will go up against — don’t know how, but we shall find out when the drama airs on December 9.

Teaser Trailer

However, if you want to see Yoo Seung Ho earlier, you can always catch his other new drama that airs in 5 days time on MBC Every1 named Imaginary Cat.


It’s unfortunate that this drama falls into the extremely-serious-can-be-overly-dramatic basket, sigh. I supposed if this turns out to be too heavy, at least there is Imaginary Cat to look forward to. At this point, it looks like a legal drama, so I hope it’d at least focus on other legal court cases, whilst he investigate his father’s case.


If you fancy these pictures, then here are some custom made wallpapers for your phone, so you can drool at him any where you like. Just click page 2.


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