Jo Jung Suk’s Two New CFs After Oh! My Ghostess

The success of Oh! My Ghostess has propelled uri chefunim, Jo Jung Suk into fame. He is attracting the attention from media and now, the commercial industry. He has been a Superman lately. I am seeing pictures of him running around promoting his movie, filming his newest movie, attending interviews, doing photoshoots and filming commercials!

What would be a better way to reunite with his Oh! My Ghostess co-star Park Bo Young again? Simple — get them together in a CF, and the CF is filled with cute.

I’m never a cereal person, and these two are making it looks like that damn thing is some sort of fine cuisine and extremely delicious. Advertising can be so misleading, and I know so very well, but it still makes me want to try it. Sadly, I’ve half a pack of Coco Pops cereal still un-touched for months in the pantry.

POST Granola Cereals

Next we see Jo Jung Suk transformed into an office worker like Jang Geu Rae (Im Siwan) living an Misaeng life. We see him holding his impulse back whilst his boss verbally abuse him. He wants to throw the resignation letter at his boss’s face, but eventually control himself by taking out a pack of red ginseng.

I have always been curious about this thing I see Koreans take on TV. I know very well is product placement when they have it in drama, but still, I am curious. First thought would be how much ‘ginseng extract’ is really in it? And a series of other questions ensue: How much do they cost? Does it really work? How does it taste like?

This is one item I think I will have to try it out when I get my hands on one. You know, just for experience’s sake.

Korean Red Ginseng Everytime

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