Park Seo Joon in Photoshoot with Fans for InStyle with Style


She Was Pretty hasn’t even ended, and the boy is already set to appear on/in the magazine. I’m sure there will be more to come once the show ends. Be sure to grab a copy of December issue of InStyle if you love Park Seo Joon!

Before the drama airs, Seo Joon made a promise to the viewers/fans that if the drama achieve a rating of 15%, he will do a photoshoot with fans. And the drama did went over 15%, so 6 fans were chosen to be in the photoshoot with him. How lucky are they? — other than seeing him in person (as well as touch or hug him maybe), get autographs, they get to doll-up too.


I cannot tell if I will like these photos yet, but I am hoping there will be more like the ones posted by InStyle Korea and Park Seo Joon on Instagram. Those were cuter and much worthy for keepsake, heh. Park Seo Joon was also featured in an interview with MBC Section TV during the photoshoot, and it was such a fun watch. He came across as a very easy to get along and outgoing person from that video, and it was definitely funny watching him turns cheeky, teasing the hostess.

The rest of the pictures from Instagram:

I seriously love these more, so fingers crossed it will be included in the magazine.

Source: InStyle | YaqiYuki | Instagram


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