[BTS] She Was Pretty Episode 15 Against the Wall Hot Kiss!


There is one thing I ♥ about MBC, and that is they are never stingy with drama stills and apparently, behind the scenes of kissing scenes too. I’ll be honest I haven’t religiously watched all of She Was Pretty BTS clips, but this one lights up my eyes the moment I saw it. I just have to check it out.

It’s proven to be worthwhile, that last part had my heart racing and cheek blushing once again. I think we need to thank PD-nim for it, because all the takes before seems to be less than perfect until PD-nim told Park Seo Joon to do it with more force. Yeah, listen to PD-nim this time.

The result? SO DAMN HOT! Kamsahamnida, PD-nim. The effect was sooooo much better and powerful. *Fan self*


The lyrics of the song isn’t helping either, what’s with the “I know you want it?” — *blush again* — Gosh, don’t tease a girl like that.

Let’s re-watch over and over again, shall we?

Oh yeah, did I mention this is just a fangirling post? No? Well, now you know…

Source: MBC


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