1st Look Features Long-Legs Pretty, Go Joon Hee


Recently, actress / model Go Joon Hee from She Was Pretty shot a series of promotional pictures for jewellry brand, Trois Rois. These photos will be published in the latest magazine, 1st Look. The theme of these promotional pictures is ‘Day & Night — coexistence of both charms’.


The success of She Was Pretty is definitely helping Go Joon Hee gain attention with drama producers, and open up doors to more opportunities. With her looks and not-too-shabby acting, she does have the potential to lead a drama in the near future.


However, I cannot help but be a little disappointed with the development of the drama in regard to her character, Min Ha Ri. Doesn’t it feel like her part and involvement are abruptly reduced when the cat is out of the bag?


The writer is giving her character growth, however, it feels like there should have been more to explore with her, than what we have seen thus far. Although viewers prefer to see more scenes for the Onion couple, it would have been nice if she gets to become friends with Sung Joon again, and is comfortable with him around. After all, she’s BFF with Hye Jin, and is an important member to Hye Jin’s family.


It would also be nice to see her getting closer to Shin Hyuk, too. I don’t expect them to develop feelings for one another since Shin Hyuk is so fixated on Hye Jin still. However, it would have been nice if their friendship develops further. Beneath that quirky façade, Shin Hyuk is actually a lonely boy, thus, having one more friend would be good for him. Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk would understand each other completely in terms of loneliness and family issues, not that Sung Joon does not. I guess it is why they are drawn to Hye Jin. On the surface, Shin Hyuk is loved by his foster parents, but then there must be a part of him that is longing for his real family, which is why he went to Korea, I believe.


With one more episode to go, it is unlikely the writer is able to focus on Ha Ri and Shin Hyuk’s friendship — it would not be convincing anyway. Regretfully, their under-developed characters have become the flaws and one of the biggest regrets for this show.





Source: 1st Look


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