Get Winter Menswear’s Ideas from Park Seo Joon


Oh My God, I just died and returned from death. This black & white picture of Park Seo Joon is my favourite. Needless of any introduction, Park Seo Joon is the model and endorser of menswear, Basso Homme. These catalogue pictures took my breath away. My inner fangirlness is coming out — BEWARE!!! 

Nothing beats gorgeous pictures of your own biases in formal suits or winter coats. I don’t think I can find much to blabber on regarding these set of pictures… I think I’ll just shut up and let Seo Joon do all the talking through these pictures.


I really like the above combination of grey, black and white. It’s perfect office wear, and now this is the time when I wish I am a man rather than a woman. Simple is my motto, and I think this is just my kind of office apparels.


Each month Basso Homme releases a calendar wallpaper; I am so going to use it right after I finish this post.


Like! Ohhhh this blue combination is just as good.





I am not a huge fan of green, red and light brown… I’ll pass, but Seo Joon has great hair there 😛





These is a nice casual wear I would go for during winter. Like!



Source: Basso Homme | Blog | Instagram | Facebook


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