She Was Pretty Mystery No. 1 Revealed in E14 Preview?


Oh thank god the newest episode of She Was Pretty will reveal our Mystery Person No. 1: Kim Rara’s Nephew — I refuse to lose anymore hairs trying to figure this out. Spill the beans already, writer-nim.

Okayyyy… if this image is from the scene where they announced who the Vice President i.e. nephew of Kim Rara is, then based on the image — the men that aren’t sitting there are:

  1. Kim Shin Hyuk
  2. Ji Sung Joon
  3. Kim Poong Ha

So is it safe to assume we are down to:

Kim Shin Hyuk    VS    Kim Poong Ha

Why do I get the feeling that it’s Kim Poong Ha now? Like I said previously, Shin Hyuk is a bit too obvious, but then I do tend to over-think simple things. Moreover, why is Shin Hyuk going to the theme park with Hye Jin, and saying things sounded like a farewell? Aaaaarrrghhhhh ~

Episode 14 Preview:


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