Cat is Out of the Bag for Ji Chang Wook in My Male God


This isn’t a surprise since there were rumours flying around for months in regard to the possibility of a C-drama, and now the cat is finally out of the bag, as the Chinese media officially publicise it in the news today.

In summary, My Male God (now titled Mr. Right) will star Ji Chang Wook (Healer, Empress Ki) as the main lead with Chinese actress, Wang Xiao Chen. The C-drama is a Mainland Chinese production directed by Director Gao Xian Ming, who used to work at TVB channel in Hong Kong. As for the script, from what I gather, is already completed by script writer Xi Lin, and are now being translated into Korean. This will be a collaboration between mainland China, Korea and Hong Kong; whereby the equipment and styling staff and crews comprise mostly of Koreans. It is said that the lighting crews are staff from Heirs, and the styling crews are from You Who Came From the Stars.


The script was slightly adjusted to better suit Ji Chang Wook’s Korean background when he decided to jump on the bandwagon of this drama. He will play Wang Wei An, a Chinese-Korean (father is Chinese and mother is Korean) suddenly became a rich chaebol overnight, whilst Wang Xiao Chen plays Yang Hai Yi — a rich girl who became poor when her family’s company goes bankrupt. The two will start off quarreling a lot, but eventually fall in love, overcome crisis together, experience self-discovery; and gain love, family and friendship.


The drama will start filming from November, 2015 to February, 2016. Most scenes will take place in Shanghai; however, there will be 2 weeks filming in Seoul, Korea. The producer revealed there are thrilling action scenes such as car chasing, car accidents and falling off a cliff etc., and he wishes to complete these scenes in Korea. In addition, this is done so to include the back-story of Ji Chang Wook’s character as well. Ahhh~ now I get why he is back in Korea at the moment.

Airing date is not yet set.

My Thoughts on this:

As a fan — a drama fan — I ain’t thrilled of the news. As a matter of fact, I had to hold back posting a rant post when I learnt he decided to sign a contract with China’s Bravo (or Brava? I couldn’t be bothered to check) for a singing career and concerts. I agree he is versatile, and is a much better singer than certain actors with his musical experience, but in all honesty, he still requires vocal training and practise. More importantly, he should concentrate on acting, because it is what he does best. Let the professional singers do the singing, in this, I mean those who can really sings.


Back to acting — it’s not that he isn’t doing his job, which he is right now, but I suppose it is the choice he has made that is making me cringe—hard. Sure enough, some fans will request to “have some faith in the man”, but ugh, I can’t at the moment. Not when even the local Chinese themselves are expressing negativities of how terrible C-dramas have been.


I do take some consolation in knowing that most of the BTS crews will be Koreans. Although less faith on the Heirs’ crew, as I didn’t think the visual quality was that great, but high hopes to see great fashion from the Stars’ crews. At least (and perhaps) the quality of this show will not be too bad, but a lot still rest on the script and the direction; which I have no confidence in, and worse, even the news article has written about the possible difficulties this production will meet with the collaboration of people from different cultural backgrounds.


However, as I have tell myself, expect the worse and hope for the best — lower my expectation — I might just open my eyes and be introduced to the goodness of C-drama when this comes out.

Fingers and toes crossed Ji Chang Wook will work his magic.

Source: | Sina


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