[Updated] First Peek! Yoo Seung Ho in Joseon Magician

Looks like Yoo Seung Ho is all set for his first comeback project after completing his Military Service in the movie titled, Joseon Magician. This week, we get a glimpse of the first released teaser poster, and immediately I am stoked! Visually I must say, it is beauuuuu-ti-ful. It’s one of those immediately ‘catches your eyes’ type of poster, and the differences in his eye colours pique my curiosity on the movie, and the character he is potraying.

In all honesty, I don’t even know this guy at all. I mean, I had not seen any of his works; although I kind of know him by name*, his past works, and seen pictures of him in it. So that’s basically it—I have zero knowledge of this actor.
fdeca3b0f9dae852926dec5e9b448e792e53cca6That little hiccup aside, I am extremely glad this is a fusion sageuk movie rather than a drama—in the sense that since the premise of the storyline is about magic—live shooting will indefinitely destroy the quality of the show. Futhermore, it being a movie allows more budget, and I can already imagine the movie will be filled with amazing graphic effects with mesmerising and artistic set-up!

The movie is directed by Kim Dae Seung (The Concubine), with Yoo Seung Ho playing a great magician, and falls into (a forbidden) love with the princess, plays by Go Ara (You’re All Surrounded, Answer Me 1994). Why do I suddenly have an image of Young Merlin falling for a princess??? Other actors include Lee Kyung Young (Misaeng) and Jo Yoon Hee (The King’s Face, Producer).

Updated: 4 November 2015


I… I… I cannot imagine Ara as a princess at the moment. But thank goodness I just came across this beautiful princess-like image of her in Daum. It really helps pull me out of that mental image I last have of her from You’re All Surrounded.
02  *Oh all right, I lied. I knew him by his nickname ‘Little So Ji Sub’.

Source: Daum


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