The Mysteries Behind She Was Pretty & The Possible Ending


Time flies; another good drama is about to end. She Was Pretty has been enjoyable thanks to the outstanding performances by Park Seo Joon, Choi Siwon and Hwang Jung Eum (minus the frustrating episode 11) .

Three more episodes left, and I can’t believe the answer to Kim Rara’s nephew is still not out of the bag. We also have two more mystery persons — the writer TEN and Leonard Kim.

Mystery Person No. 1: Who is Kim Rara’s nephew?


I was 100% convinced it’s Reporter Kim Shin Hyuk (Siwon) before, especially when it was shown he lives in a hotel (who does that if ones not loaded?); doesn’t bat an eyelid when his bike was destroyed, and owns a red Ford Mustang*. I am not so sure now because the show is still playing the mystery nephew card; it would seem, and I quote “uninteresting”, and deemed “too easy” if it really is Siwon at this point.


So now I’m suspecting it is Kim Joon Woo (Park Yoo Hwan) after all — and it would be a dream comes true for Han Seol (Shin Hye Sun), thus giving us another happy ending for the supporting casts.


It never cross my mind is Reporter Kim Poong Ho (Ahn Se Ha), but it would definitely make viewers’ jaws drop if it turns out to him, HA.

*At first I thought the Mustang might be Siwon’s car in real life, but Google tells me it is not. I’d trade the AUDI R8 with the Mustang though, Siwon dear. Hehehe.

Mystery Person No. 2: Who is TEN?

Then we have this mysterious writer Ten that the MOST team keeps nagging on about. What’s so big deal about this person? What does he or she has anything to do with MOST? My guess is Ten will be the saviour of MOST magazine, seeing the narration by Hye Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) hinted the possibility Leonard Kim is cancelling the interview.

So who can Ten be? At this point, the clues we have are:

  1. Female
  2. Korean
  3. ~40 years old
  4. The name ‘Ten’ can mean ‘here & around’
  5. The book is ‘very interesting’

So who is my suspect? And yours?

Suspect #1 — Kim Rara
Suspect #2 — Kim Shin Hyuk


Kim Rara (Hwang Suk Jung) is my No. 1 suspect if the first 3 clues are accurate, and she is ‘here and around’ the MOST team, however, the name Ten bugs me. Siwon’s name in real life means ’10 dollars’, and it is totally possible that he is the writer behind the book because Poong Ho’s commented that Ten is an interesting person, and wondered how she can be that interesting. Shin Hyuk’s motto and life are all about ‘being interesting’ throughout the show, so I think this is one big hint, or a freaking red herring to throw me off.

To be honest, I first thought it might be Ha Ri‘s (Go Joon Hee) mother. That’s out the window now since she has appeared abruptly, and left abruptly.

Mystery Person No. 3: Who is Leonard Kim?

Of all family names, why another Kim? *Pinching glabella* This is why I was temporary blinded with the facts before my eyes. After revisiting episode 12, I believe he’s probably just a red herring. The only mystery about him is that his face is not shown in the show, and is difficult to approach. However, if he is someone famous working in the fashion/entertainment industry, even though he works behind the scenes, he would not be able to hide his identity. Hence, this makes him invalid as the mystery person.

The Possible Ending


I have no doubt the show will end with a happy ending for Ji Sung Joon (Park Seo Joon) and Hye Jin, but I wonder how their ending will tie up with MOST team’s fate.

As we saw in episode 13, if MOST team gets disbanded, Hye Jin will return to the Management department — which I breathe a sigh of relief that she won’t be jobless  — but then Sung Joon will.


One part of me thinks MOST team will succeed because the team have finally united  as one, and has now whole-heartedly accepted Sung Joon. Then there is the other part of me that feels this would be too predictable . Wouldn’t it be better if they fail, and they learn from their mistake, and come back as a team under a new magazine name?

If I am the writer, I’d let the team fail so everyone gets a chance to start fresh and reboot. Sung Joon and Hye Jin require more time for additional personal growth, more time to let their relationship mature, as well as needing some time to find their place in their own careers. The way I see it, it’s too boring if MOST succeed, and they get to be married straight away — too easy, too bland, and too typical of an ending.

The Alternate Ending: The Union of Panty Couple

Our Panty Couple is on a roll lately, LOL! First Park Seo Joon uploaded a picture of him and Siwon with pouty lips, pretending they want to kiss each other. Awwww.


Siwon then responded by posting a PS version (below), HAHAHA! Park Seo Joon liked his post on Instagram.

The next day, Park Seo Joon followed up by posting a picture of 4 x MOST panties in bright blue colour with the caption: “Reporter Kim, how many pairs would you like? It’s a gift to you for not going to New Look.


Cheeky Siwon responded: “Such an expensive gift, but since you’ve given, I’ll accept it. Thank you. Let’s work hard and snatch the No. 1 place.

Park Seo Joon liked his PS picture again and responded: “I…. have something to tell you” — it’s his dialogue before he was going to propose to Hye Jin — which now he is hinting that he’s proposing to Siwon.

HAHAHAHAHA~ OMG you two! But don’t stop, please keep going. Hwaiting, Panty Couple!


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