Oh! My Ghostess in Vogue Taiwan


Oh! My Ghostess starring Jo Jung Suk, Park Bo Young, Kim Seul Gi and Im Ju Hwan is invading Taiwan’s cable TV (緯來戲劇台) at 10 pm starting December 10; and I believe the Taiwan organisers have successfully obtained enough head count to invite Jo Jung Suk over for a fan meet. Damn lucky Taiwanese fans. I am sure the fans will have a fantabulous night since this man can sing, dance and act.

Although I’m not a big fan for fan meeting, but heck, for sure he is going to sing Gimme a Chocolate live this time, in full, right? Aaaarggghhhh. Okay, I need to forget about the FM I can’t attend, and concentrate on drooling at these pictures.


Gosh! I didn’t think I still miss them until I saw these new stills from Vogue. These stills of Na Bong Sun (Park Bo Young) and Kang Sun Woo (Jo Jung Suk) are making my heart race, and going all gooey on the inside once again.


It is luring out my inner fangirlness right now, and I just want to do nothing, but spazz at these beautiful pictures that capture their sizzling onscreen chemistry and great interactions.


I don’t ship them in real life, but I really enjoy them playing a couple in the show. Almost all of their kisses make me blush, excited, and wants to be kissed passionately (by Sun Woo of course).


Bong Sun-ah, any day, when you are sick of kissing chef — I’ll be more than happy to take your place. Hehehe.


Bong Sun: Don’t you even think about it!
Me: Dang! Busted! :p


Ah~ Shin Ae, uri Shin Ae. Kim Seul Gi is another gem in this drama, so bubbly and lively. She lights up the screen when she appears. Even though she’s the second lead, she doesn’t get overshadowed by Bo Young’s great acting.


Both actresses play to their strengths, and gave their all to the viewers in this drama. Most importantly, these two beautiful and cute actresses gave me an enjoyable and wonderful memory of Oh! My Ghostess watching.


Im Ju Hwan also gave an outstanding performance leaving viewers a strong impression of his angel versus devil portrayal of Detective Choi Sung Jae. Bravada.


The supporting actors are not to be forgotten as well. Without them, the show loses half of the fun and interesting bits.


Although I could use less of some of Sous Chef’s annoying nonsense in some scenes… but overall, I love these side-characters too, just how they slowly grow fond of Bong Sun.


Joon (Kwak Si Yang) and Bong Sun make a cute couple too if Sun Woo isn’t in the equation. Heh. However, even if they don’t get together, their friendship were kind of sweet in the latter episode. I like that Joon’s presence poses a threat to Sun Woo, and make the arrogant chef loses his confidence a little. Hehehe. I am still curious if Joon did develop some feelings for Bong Sun though. I am pretty sure the writer entertained the idea before.


LOL, Sun Woo. He’s so unconvincing whenever he tries to purposely act cool. I think Jo Jung Suk is all but the cool type of guy, especially after he fell in love. His charming nature is uncontrollable and hard to ignore when he’s in his Executive Chef’s uniform. Oh lala~ hotness overload.


Awwww. BFF forever! At the end of the day, we gotta thank Shin Ae’s possession of Bong Sun’s body that turn a gloomy Bong Sun into the sunny Bong Sun at the end of the show.

Oh! My Ghostess — you are greatly missed. ❤

Source: Vogue Taiwan


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