Movie Review: Wonderful Nightmare

d55160aba12b379d6f8ab56cb59b6b8015e5ec33Wonderful Nightmare is a heart-warming and feel-good movie that teach and remind us the importance of love; it tells us to cherish our loved ones everyday, yet doesn’t forget to provide entertainment along the way.

The movie focus mainly on the heroine Lee Yeon Woo (Uhm Jung Hwa), detailing her initial behaviour towards life, and how she change when she was forced to live another woman’s life.

Other Movie Name: Miss Wife
Hangul Name: 미쓰 와이프
Director: Kang Hyo Jin
Release Date: 13 August 2015


Yeon Woo had lived a tough young life — Her grandfather passed away early, leaving her grandma and mother to fend for themselves. The same situation happened to her own family, and a few years after, her mother passed away too. This series of unfortunate events scarred her, so she vouched she will not live poorly, and rely solely on men like her mother — she, Lee Yeon Woo, does not need men or love.


Present day: Yeon Woo has become a successful lawyer, ruthless in the case she deals with for as long as she is paid the big bucks. She shows no emotions, and is cold-hearted to the victim in the molest case. She is entrusted to handle a case whereby the wealthy organisation, Hae Kyung Group, wants to push the development of a residential area to an earlier date. Once she completes this task, she will be sent to the US.

One night, Yeon Woo gets into a car accident, and wakes up in Heaven’s intermediary. Her death turns out to be a clerical error; apart from Yeon Woo, another woman named Kang Seo Yun dies a month earlier than she should be. In order to correct this mistake, Heaven needs at least a week, however, the major problem is Kang Seo Yun’s soul has already gone up to heaven.

Chief Lee (Kim Sang Ho) of the Heaven’s intermediary meets with Yeon Woo, and slyly suggests Yeon Woo to live as Kang Seo Yun for a month. If she is willing to help, then she can return to her normal life. Yeon Woo, obviously at the peak of her career, cannot accept her death; thus, agrees without much thought — not that Chief Lee gives her much of a choice. Heh.

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Yeon Woo then wakes up in a completely unfamiliar room; she screams as she sees an ahjumma in dirty, cheap and ugly top with vicious curls in the mirror. HA! Sung Hwan (Song Seung Heon) rushes out of the bathroom still brushing his teeth, “What? What’s happened?” Yeon Woo freaks out even more as she sees him. She then spends the whole day in shock, learning that she is now a married housewife with a daughter and son, and they live in a shabby apartment.


The movie then focus on how Yeon Woo slowly adapts and learns to accept living as a housewife, taking care of the family, and being a wife (except she refuses to sleep with Sung Hwan, who she admits  is good-looking). Maybe he should have taken his shirt off, and flesh those abs to change her mind. :p


Through a series of incidents, she softens up when Sung Hwan stands up for her, and warms up to him as she learns more about him. She also learns to interact with the teenage daughter and baby son, Ha Neul (Seo Shin Ae) and Ha Roo (Jung Ji Hoon), and love them as her own. In other words, Yeon Woo opens up her lonesome heart to love again. Just when life seems so happy and perfect for her and family, one month is up. Everything has to return to as it should be; Yeon Woo’s heart now wavers.



The one negative of this movie is pairing up Uhm Jung Hwa with Song Seung Heon. Having a man who still looks as good as he ever was at age 39, Song Seung Heon acting alongside Uhm Jung Hwa as her hubby really doesn’t compliment. The fact that she, in real life is now 46, and acting as a 34-39 isn’t convincing either. I often wonder if it’s the hair colour, the shabby clothings, as well as those vicious curls that made her look even older than her real age. As you can see, she looks gorgeous if she dresses up, and wears the right hairstyle.


Other than the minor visual short-coming, every thing works just fine. Uhm Jung Hwa is wonderful in her role, delivering a well balanced performances between comedy and angst, meek and assertive, weak and strong. Bravada.


Song Seung Heon, in my opinion, shines and is at best when he does comedy. He should consider doing more comedy. Since this movie focuses a lot on Uhm Jung Hwa, there weren’t much of him, which is a pity, because I would like to see more from him — especially I do like Sung Hwan as a character. I am still at awe how he can look so damn good when he is almost 40 years old. Does the man bathes in milk every day, and smears birdnest cream on his face?

Kim Sang Ho is still quirky as ever. He doesn’t have very many scenes, but I enjoy his presence each time he appears. I really like this ahjussi, and love him most when he does comedy.  Is it because of his hair? Haha.


One of my favourite scenes was when Yeon Woo protected Ha Neul — as a mother protecting her daughter — it was an influential and powerful scene. One tiny pity is the lack of romance, and the under-developed Yeon Woo’s feelings for Sung Hwan. There were moments that she was touched, or impressed by him, but then I’m not convinced she has quite fallen for Sung Hwan. She enjoyed the warmth of having a family again, but it wasn’t clear that she’s in love with the man who owns this family.


Having said that, I still fully enjoy the movie. Whilst being entertainingly fun and comedic, it reminds us to treasure the “time of life”; to appreciate the mundane life we live, and the people we love. There was a little surprise at the end, in which I didn’t expect, but that it was a sweet arrangement — Yeon Woo was not alone after all.

It’s a movie suitable for all ages in the family, even though it will not be a movie that leaves a long lasting impression, but it at least will leave you feeling loved and satisfied at the end of the movie. A movie most enjoyable when a family can cuddle together on a couch, in the comfort of their own home.

Verdict: 7/10



So…how does one do a movie review? I ponder how one does it, and whether I could do it well, and I really want to (1) spazz about it; (2) recommend it. I suppose I will have to wing it, and just let my fingers do the job.


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  1. Thanks for a great review. I just watched the movie this weekend and I agree with your comments. And yes, how does SSH stay so young. I desperately need to learn the secrets of his flawless complexion. I have a feeling that even though he’s at the verge of 40, this man hasn’t peaked yet! I look forward to seeing more of him in the upcoming historical drama, Saimdang! 🙂

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