Go Joon Hee Models for Dazed Korea

69809-366886Catch Go Joon Hee from She Was Pretty on the cover of magazine Dazed Korea for the November issue. Men would probably be more interested than I am of her, hehehe, although when I watch Episode 11 of She Was Pretty the other day, I couldn’t stop my eyes going up and down her beautiful, slender legs.


She is a really tall girl, but not surpringly since she debuted as a model. She isn’t the pretty type, but she definitely has the unique look, and charm that modelling industry seeks.


Since I’m blogging about Go Joon Hee, I’m going to rant a little about Episode 11 of She Was Pretty. First of all, WHAT was that episode about? All all 3 of the main characters other than Sung Joon are so frustrating to watch — it is also a very frustrating episode, and makes me feel frustrated.

Is that how deep the friendship is between Hye Jin and Ha Ri? — That they have to avoid each other? Although I get the ultimate reason for Ha Ri to move out is that she wants to live with mum, but a major reason is definitely because of Sung Joon and Hye Jin. Ughhhh.


And don’t get me started on Shin Hyuk. Omg, that’s double UGHHHH~ all right, I think I’ll stop. I somehow feel that I should wait for Episode 12 before I go all out on my rampage. I feel that the writer/editor purposely make viewers frustrated watching them, misunderstood them for one whole week before they show us the characters have their reasons.

Still. It’s the worse episode I’ve seen of She Was Pretty. Hmph.


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