First Peek! Stills for Joseon Magician


Oh my! I think I’m going to fall in love with Yoo Seung Hoo judging by this picture (only). Heh.

So what we have here are a few newly released movie stills from Joseon Magician. It doesn’t tell us much, but it is enough to get me a little excited — mostly because Yoo Seung Hoo was shooting arrows through my heart in the above shot.
69724-366204As previously mentioned in this post, Yoo Seung Hoo is the great magician, Hwan Hee and Go Ara is Joseon’s Princess Cheong Myung, who… does not look very elegant-princess-like in this photo. Dang.
69724-366207This time round, we find out Jo Yoon Hee plays Hwan Hee’s sister — Bo Eum, a prostitute.
69724-366208Whereas Lee Kyung Young (Misaeng) plays the guard that escort the princess to China. I am guessing, as a tribute, and to become a concubine of the Qing emperor?
69724-366210Hmm… curious. The story is about Hwan Hee and the princess falling into a forbidden love, and Hwan Hee being a magician, it reminds me of many years ago an American movie I’ve seen named The Illusionist.
69724-366212In The Illusionist, Edward Norton and Jessica Biel were childhood sweethearts, and she was to marry the Crown Prince. Edward Norton is a magician in this movie as well; in the end, he use his wisdom and ‘magic’ to help Jessica escape the hands of the prince, and they start a new life together.

I wonder if Joseon Magician will have similar ending. I do hope for a happy ending, because a sad ending of either one of them dead in a saguek era is not considered ‘new’ or ‘refreshing’. More importantly, why would I invest my time in this movie if they don’t get their happily-ever-after?



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