Esquire Acquired Lee Jin Wook as Cover Model for October

lee-jin-wook_1442634734_af_orgThe previous post was November edition, but now let’s backtrack a month back to October, where Lee Jin Wook is the cover model for Esquire Korea. I have only found out now. Slow, I know.

Turns out it was Esquire’s 20th Anniversary, in which the only thing pops up in my mind is She Was Pretty‘s MOST magazine’s 20th Anniversary. So random, or is it?
1445131117017So is it safe to assume Lee Jin Wook has travelled all the way to Brooklyn, USA for the 20th Anniversary photoshoot? As the cover model, he gets 8-pages of coverage spread. Good? I say: YEAH!
There are times where I breathe a sigh of relief that I don’t understand Korean, because if I do, then my paycheck would have gone to all these pretty magazines. Not understanding a single word really helps putting a huge STOP on my senses. Also if I do, I would spend all my weekends and any spare time on translations. This would help approve both my English and Korean, but it would take away my TV fun time, too. Uh-uh. Fun time comes first.
And then there comes a time like this — where the magazine is available to me for FREE, and I can’t read it. Although it isn’t too difficult there days, because translated versions are readily available on the interweb; however, I prefer interpreting the articles on my own account instead of relying on others’ interpretations. Things do get lost in translations, and that’s the frustrating part.
The verdict for this photoshoot is — dull and familiar. Lee Jin Wook looks great, but the style, theme and fashion I have seen it applied in other magazine spreads. The colour tone is overly vibrant as well. I also find myself wishing Lee Jin Wook get his hair washed because it looks oily in a couple of photos (e.g. below).
68627-359440This one below does not apply, as its aim is the wet look. and he looks gorgeous.
Lee-Jin-Wook-Esquire-Korea-October-2015-Photo-Shoot-002Lee-Jin-Wook-Esquire-Korea-October-2015-Photo-Shoot-001Now this below is the worse of the bunch. Everything from his pose to fashion, and the backdrop spells out b-o-r-i-n-g. Boo. This is not ESQUIRE-like at all.
Lee-Jin-Wook-Esquire-Korea-October-2015-Photo-Shoot-004Image source: Esquire Korea Official website


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